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How Bryan Harsin can win the press conference

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Harsin will be officially announced as Boise State's new head coach in a press conference today or tomorrow or sometime between now and LOI Day - he's a busy man, Instagramming with Jalen Greene and all. When that press conference does come, Harsin will have an opportunity to place his first of many stamps on the Boise State program and to set the mood for the next era of Bronco football. He and his publicist are already off to a good start:

I appreciate the history and tradition of the Boise State program. I embrace that success but won't rest on it. We will build this program every day with a sense of urgency.

The emphasis in the above quote is mine, and so are the following paragraphs of what I'd love to hear Harsin say when he's introduced whenever. Hit these points and win the press conference, or alternately, win by announcing that all practices will be open to the public. Either way.


My goal is not just to win conference championships and earn an annual spot in a Big Six bowl. Those things will happen naturally as a byproduct of the bigger picture: We will make Boise State the most prominent, successful, dominant school among all mid-majors and do so beyond any shadow of a doubt. We will make conversations difficult for those choosing the four playoff teams. We will position ourselves as the unmissable target for future conference realignment and access. When the opportunity comes to ascend the program to the next level, we will greet it with open arms. We will be ready. We will be first, always.

We will thoroughly and completely dominate the University of Idaho in every way conceivable---recruiting, fan support, branding, national attention, and - if the need arises - scoreboard.

Success will continue to come via the Boise State Way. We will recruit passionate, intelligent, hard-working, admirable young men who fit our style of play and our vision for this football team. We prefer an OKG to a four-star. We'll look anywhere and everywhere for difference makers, regardless of size or attention.

The Boise State football team will innovate on offense. We will swarm on defense. We will play smart and tough on special teams.

We will play an exciting brand of football that our fans can be proud of.

All Bronco players will be held to a high standard of academic integrity, with respect for the community and pride for the blue and orange. We will graduate young men who are prepared to make an impact in society - in football and wherever else their pursuits lead them.

We will win all the time, and we will look good doing it.

Any questions?