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Hars-IN: Broncos get their man.

Never go against the family.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

After being told yesterday that Bryan Harsin had withdrawn from the coaching search and that the job was down to Dirk Koetter, Justin Wilcox or Jeff Tedford(?), Boise State pulled some trickeration of their own and it appears that ex-OC and Pete disciple Bryan Harsin will be Boise State's next head coach. The 11th head coach in the program's history, mind you...a number that holds some importance in Bronco history. For days, the search had looked like a race between safe "Bronco hires" and this one strikes me as particularly so. Harsin is a local kid who played under Koetter and got his first big coaching break from Petersen when he was hired at the ripe-old-age of 29 in 2006 as Boise State's OC. After a 2 year stint at Texas and just one season as head man at Arkansas State, his dream job came available a bit ahead of schedule and all reports now are that he's taking it. We'll have more updates and Harsinalysis throughout the day as we now wait to see what a Harsin staff will look like. In the meantime, let's talk amongst ourselves.

Go Broncos!