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Roundtable: What is a successful season for the Boise State basketball team?


With the football team on a bye, there will be no score predicting this Friday, only basketball season predicting. It's harder to predict, sure, but everyone's going to cut us some slack because who even knows how basketball works.

What is a successful season for the Boise State basketball team?

Chase Glorfield

A national championship, of course.

Seriously, though, this team is primed for a big year. That said, there has been a lot of media talk regarding the Hoopin' Broncos this preseason, and that worries me. When a team is hyped as much as Boise State has been, there almost always seems to be a letdown. A successful Boise State basketball season would be the boys overcoming that hype and pressure and playing within themselves. This is hard to quantify, so let's put a number and goals on it. If the Broncos finish with 23-25 wins, contend for a Mountain West title and participate in March Madness, that would be success. Remember, the team is still building, and these goals are the next logical step.

Kevan Lee

Getting votes in the AP and being a preseason MW runner-up has me thinking that anything less than an NCAA tournament appearance will be a letdown. Is this fair? I'm not sure how basketball expectations work since we don't usually have any, so it's all new to me. Personally, I'll call it a good season if the team is exciting to watch and people show up to the games (other people, I'm busy that night). Boise State basketball is in the midst of a renaissance, and I don't anticipate it to end any time soon unless Leon Rice bolts to UCLA or somewhere. A good season will keep the momentum going. Buster Bronco on roller skates halftime dunk contest would help.

Nate Peters

I think the expectations for Bronco basketball is the highest it's ever been. Don't get me wrong, it's not like there was much stuff competition in years prior. Yes - the Broncos have had the share of success in the past, but I was still openly watching Dragon Tales during that time, so it was definitely a while ago. I predict that the Bronco hoops team will have a better year than the Bronco football team. How do I quantify that? I dunno. It just will be. I'm looking for the boys to go undefeated at home, to pack the Bell, and win the Mountain West. That would obviously mean better than a play-in spot to the tournament as well. Hoop on, fellas.


Is it a problem if I'm still openly watching Dragon Tales? For a successful basketball season, I'm going to go in with the same unhealthy expectations that I put on all Boise State sports (i.e. Football, Wrestling, Tennis, and Women's Gymnastics). I would consider an undefeated season and an invitation to a BCS bowl game as successful, anything else would be to some level disappointing.

Correction, I've just realized that the basketball team has never been to a BCS bowl game, so it's probably unrealistic to expect that this year. As such I've amended my previous statement. A successful year is one where we all learn the new names for the positions on the basketball court (Taser, Shotgunman, Showrunner, Flash Gordon??). Coach Rice keeps up the high-octane, fun-to-watch style that has made this team a must see, and winning at least one game in the NCAA tournament. The Broncos have never won a game in the tournament, and that would cap a fantastic season if this year was the year.


Share your expectations for success for this year's Boise State basketball team. Have you set the bar impossibly high or just sorta high but definitely out of reach of Chris Ault?