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Frequently Asked Questions about Boise State basketball

Is Boise State the U21 Australia national team? Mostly.


When does the Boise State basketball season start?

December 10 at Kentucky.

I thought it started Friday night.

Oh, you're right. I guess there are other games on here. I have Kentucky blindness, which is both tunnel vision about playing the No. 1 team and an actual eye blindness caused by eating too much Waffle House in Kentucky.

What powerhouse non-conference games does Boise State have on its schedule?

Check these whoppers out: December 3 versus Utah (home), December 14 versus St. Mary's (home), and November 27 versus Idaho.

Really, Idaho?

Correction: Two whoppers and a beefy-cheese burrito.

Where are they playing that game: Taco Bell Arena in Boise or Satan's Magic Wallet in Moscow?

Neither, the game will take place at CenturyLink Arena, the house Antoine Walker built.

I heard Boise State changed its offense during the offseason. WHY CAN'T ROBERT PRINCE LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE!

I wish I knew.

Who did Boise State lose off of last year's team?

Center Kenny Buckner is the only player to graduate. He started three games and averaged five points per game, meaning Boise State returns pretty much all of its everything from last season.

Is having Derrick Marks and Anthony Drmic on the same team sort of a LeBron - D.Wade thing?

Sort of. They're both really good and capable of carrying this team on their backs when needed.

Who is Chris Bosh in this scenario?

I'd rather not say.


Predict the finish of the Mountain West.

I'll let Idaho Statesman reporter Dave Southorn answer since he's basically me except has a press pass and is employed by a newspaper and likes the Denver Broncos.

1. New Mexico
2. Boise State
4. Utah State
5. San Diego State
6. Wyoming
7. Fresno State
8. Colorado State
9. Nevada
10. Air Force
11. San Jose State

You forgot Hawaii!

Nuh-uh. Dave forgot Hawaii.

Actually, I'm being informed that Hawaii does not play basketball in the Mountain West. They are a basketball member of the Big West.

Who is wearing No. 5? I want to get some more use out of my Coby Karl jersey.

Joe Hanstad is No. 5. If you want to invest in the future, I'd suggest a Dezmyn Trent No. 25 jersey, which should be good for four years or three or two or maybe just one if he turns out to be Kobe Bryant incarnate.

How many Red Hawks does Boise State play this year?

Two. Seattle and Simpson.

You got a funny Simpsons video to share?