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Senior salute

That went fast, didn't it?

Geraldo Boldewijn, WR

Farewell, receiver formerly known as Geraldo Hiwat. You sat more games than we would have liked, but provided some memorable moments as well. Most importantly, when people ask if I've ever seen a Dutchman play American football, I can say "yes" with no hesitation.

Jonathan Brown, N

Farewell, versatile Bronco. You also were bit by the injury bug, but always came back with more vigor. A consummate teammate, example and—when needed—a cheerleader.

Jake Broyles, OL

Farewell, one-footed Bronco. You were a beast on the line when your feet would allow it, but they had it in for you and didn't allow you to meet your full potential. Cheers for your tenacity and heart...jeers to turf toe and broken feet.

Aaron Burks, WR

Farewell, fleet-footed Bronco. Your practice and camp exploits were legendary—and I'm sure our team was better for it. We didn't see much of you during your seasons, but quality trumped quantity and no one can say things weren't a bit more exciting with Burks in the game.

Spencer Gerke, OL

Farewell, bearded Bronco. We always seem to root harder for local guys and Spencer made that easy. Always played the role that was asked of him and—to my knowledge—never complained about it. Boise State's O-line rotation is never set in stone, but you knew that Gerke would find his way in there somewhere.

Trevor Harman, K

Farewell, kickingest Bronco. Harman walked-on to the Boise State squad and punted and kicked his way into the regular rotation. He never got a chance at kicking field goals, which is probably a good thing since he never had to be the scapegoat.

Dustin Kamper, LB

Farewell, happy Bronco. Kamper, another walk-on, quietly bided his time and did what was asked of him—whether it was special teams play or late game subbing. His patience paid off this season with a memorable INT against UT-Martin. You got lit up on the return, but you could have got hit by a truck at that point and still popped up smiling.

Charles Leno, OL

Farewell, big Bronco. Leno was an anchor on the Bronco O-line for the last few years. Dependable, tenacious...a great leader on and off the field. I sincerely hope we have more Charles Lenos in the upcoming recruiting classes.

Gabe Linehan, TE

Farewell, hairiest Bronco. Man, what can you say about this kid? Went all out all the time until injuries slowed him down. Still, he was the emotional spark the Broncos were in dire need of. Take care "Wild One"...a true Bronco original.

Ebo Makinde, DB

Farewell, swiftest Bronco. Makinde was another kid whose career was dampened by injuries. That's just bad luck—but to keep coming back (even at new positions) showed a lot of character and heart. Long one of the fastest Broncos, someone will have to step up and give the new guys a rabbit to chase.

Kharyee Marshall, DE

Farewell, unassuming Bronco. Marshall clocked an almost mythical 4.4 in spring testing one year and that got his hype machine flowing. Unfortunately, injuries slowed this Bronco a bit...or at least delayed his impact. Can't tell you how happy I am to see Marshall's resilience pay off this year. He's been a dependable cog on the D-line—and a versatile one...even playing DT against Colorado State.

Kirby Moore, WR

Farewell, legacy Bronco. It's the end of an era...what can you say? Kirby still holds the national record for TD receptions at the high school level and though also oft-injured (seeing a pattern here?) always gave his all. A true "silent leader" on and off the field, it never felt like he was in his big brother's shadow—just came and went to work. Hope to see Kirby and Kellen back on the sidelines in the near future—wearing headsets, of course.

Matt Paradis, OL

Farewell, surprising Bronco. Paradis came from relative anonymity (Council, ID) to become a rock solid contributor for the Broncos. In fact, Paradis was the lone Bronco on the All-MWC first team offense last year...not bad for a walk on who started on the D-line. I'll never discount anyone with a little orphan Annie 'do again.

Joe Southwick, QB

Farewell to the 'stache. Southwick was placed in the unenviable position of replacing a legend and played quite well under the pressure of the loftiest of expectations. Watching Southwick furiously rehab a broken ankle to take the field with his team one last time on The Blue has been inspiring, to say the least. Thanks for the memories, Joe.

Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe, DT

Farewell, big Dutchman. Tjong-A-Tjoe has been contributing AND confounding announcers with his last name since day one as a Bronco. He's been a great cog in the D-line machine and this year has been the rock-solid anchor of a thin and young line. One can only hope his quiet example and leadership will help the D-line of the future find their way.

Chris Tozer, OL

Farewell, unknown Bronco. We never got to see a lot of Chris Tozer—a walk-on JC-transfer, but I thank him for his service and his commitment to making the team better.