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Predict the score for Boise State versus New Mexico

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

The final regular season game is here, and it is kind of a dud. Broncos-Lobos kicks off late into the night, and here's hoping that there's something on the line when kickoff comes. To wit, you get bonus predictions from the panel - Boise State's outcome and the impending loss of Utah State at the hands of our best friends, Wyoming.

Predict the score for Boise State versus New Mexico

Kevan Lee

At the rate Boise State is going, the day is getting close when I will file a score prediction with Boise State on the losing end. Today is not that day, and if we're being honest, that day will never come. I refuse on principle. Boise State 55, New Mexico 14, Joe Southwick limps in for a bootleg touchdown, Charles Leno scores twice, and all is right with the world for at least one more weekend this year. (Supplemental score prediction: Wyoming 28, Utah State 21 - BELIEVE.)


After taking a few weeks off due to family and work (I know, excuses, excuses), I'm back with a bolder prediction than ever. Boise remembers that it's the greatest program on earth. It has stand up players, a first rate coach, and a community that supports with increasingly unrealistic expectations. Broncos win 82-4 (Boise state takes two knees in the end zone in the third quarter). Meanwhile Wyoming realizes that they really want the .50 caliber gun that comes with a rivalry win, and they crush Utah State 35-12.

I love this program. I'm struggling with this team a little bit.

Chase Glorfield

This game worries me, honestly. Remember how close Boise State came to losing to the Lobos (wolves in Spanish, FYI) after the Broncos had built a huge lead?

Me either.

Broncos win 47-21, Southwick throws two touchdown passes as he eases his way back into playing form.


Place your prediction in the comments for Saturday night's Boise State game (and Saturday afternoon's Utah State game, too, if you feel so inclined).