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What I'm thankful for, and more


A Thanksgiving poem

Thank you for turkey.

Thank you for stuffing.

Mountain West Mountain division, thank you for nothing.

Thanks for potatoes.

Thanks for the gravy.

There'll be both at my house. Ben Weaver's a soft maybe.

Thank you for football

Except when we lose.

Thank you for 7up, my emotional booze.

Thank you, Thanksgiving,

For canceling work.

Thank you, dope dance jams, allowing me to twerk.

Thanks, Detroit Lions.

Thanks, Dallas Cowboyses.

Thanks, tryptophan, for inciting my nap noises.

Thank you for pie

And delicious whipped cream.

Thank you that Idaho totally got reamed.

Thank you for yams.

Thanks for pickles via jar.

Thank you for body spray <-- Love, Derek Carr.

Thanks for the Broncos.

Thanks for Coach Pete.

Thanks for the memories, Vegas Bowl three-peat.

Thank you for next year

When football is back,

Boise State runs the table and is totally stacked.