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A gift guide for the Boise State fan on your list

Live fast, shop hard.

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement.

Tis the season for buying gifts - for others and, if we're being honest, ourselves - so let me give you a head start on some unique, blue-and-orange items for your holiday shopping. Note: You're never too old to make a Christmas list. Maybe some of these things will be on it.

(Note also that items appear here because I find them to be cool and not because anyone paid me to hawk them. I refuse to be bought, unless the price is right.) (The price is a churro.)


Custom Nikes in Boise State colors

Price: $110 | Buy these shoes

Be the envy of your friends and Tim Gunn with these custom-colored kicks from NIKEiD. If you don't like the colors, change them. It's your world, and NIKE's just living in it. This particular style comes in women's and kids. Free shipping and Christmas delivery if you order before December 3.



Boise State shades

Price: $20 | Buy these shades

These hand-polished, glossy, UVA beauties are perfect for Bronco football watching on a summer day. Or a fall day. Or a winter day. Or really, any day. Best of all, no one can see your eyes through the lenses, so you can stare at Jeremy Ioane's hair all you want with no one knowing.



Blue Collar art print

Price: $19 | Buy this art

Rare is the Boise State art that is not a picture of the stadium or a framed Idaho Statesman. Your living room needs some design help, and this Bronco print from OBNUG's Drew Roberts is just the fix. You stay classy, television wall.



Boise State sideline jacket

Price: $68 | Buy this jacket

The same model worn by offensive coordinator Kevan Lee during the 2025 Boise State football season. Designed byStadia, which has tons of other cool BSU shirts and jackets.



Wise Beyond Your Field

Price: $12 | Buy this book

Also known as the book that Chris Petersen helped write. Come for Coach Pete's insights into coaching and leadership, stay for everybody else's insights because you're a polite person.



Study Hall: College Football Stats & Stories

Price: $12 | Buy this book

For a deep dive into college football strategy, stats, gameplans, and practice, you cannot beat this book. It's breadth and depth are enormous, which isn't to say that it won't fit inside your house. It is a normal-sized book.



Punter Awareness t-shirt

Price: $24 | Buy this shirt

Support punter rights. The t-shirt, inspired by NFL Network host Rich Eisen, celebrates the uncelebrated in a pretty cool way: proceeds go to the ASPCA, and Trevor Harman will personally thank you should you run into him in a Winco. Comes in different colors (Harman would appreciate blue).



Sports Friends, the video game

Price: $30 | Buy this video game

Call of Duty this is not. Sports Friends is a Kickstarted video game project with heart and good times. Play four multiplayer sports games, including Super Pole Riders (pole vault competition), Johann Sebastian Joust (jousting), BaraBariBall (water basketball), and Hokra (no idea). Preordering is available now for PS3 and home computers.

Ps. NCAA 14 will be on sale for $25 this weekend.



Fiesta Bowl on the radio

Price: FREE | Download the Fiesta Bowl audio

Relive the greatest four hours of college football's life with the radio play-by-play of Boise State's Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma. I found the Paul J. Schneider audio somewhere a while back, forgot I found it, remembered I found it, then uploaded it to Dropbox for you. Burn it on a CD, or put it on your iPod or Zune. Perfect for road trips with Oklahoma fans.



Lifetime subscription to OBNUG

Price: FREE | Redeem

Act now! This special pricing won't last forever. I've only got 75 more years of blogging in me.


Merry holidays and Happy Thanksgivukah from your friends at OBNUG