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Stop the season, I want to get off

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Until midnight Saturday night, I had remained blindly optimistic to Boise State's 2013 season - in a sort of blissful denial that this team, like all Boise State football teams, is superior to all opponents and only vulnerable in perfect storms and at the whims of the football gods. I no longer think this.

This team is rather average.

It should be noted that half of college football would kill for an average team. It should also be noted that Boise State hasn't had an average team since 2005, before Chris Petersen, before Twitter, before OBNUG. Being average isn't bad, it's just a fact. And for the first time all season, I am living in reality.

Reality is a strange place; I like my homer condo better. In many ways, I want this season to hurry up and get over so that we can start the 2014 Season of Vengeance with an older, wiser, deeper roster of experienced players with huge upside and chips on every shoulder. In other ways, I'm kind of looking forward to playing out the string. I have seldom rooted for a team that has a 50/50 chance from week-to-week. The peaks and valleys are exciting and nauseating, sometimes at the same time.

Being average - even the good kind of average that Boise State is, 7-4 with wins over most other average teams - is okay. But let's never be average again.

Ps. I take it all back if Boise State beats Fresno in the Mountain West title game, which they will, I believe it with my whole heart, I'm moving back into the homer condo, change the locks, I'll be here forever ...