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Predict the score for Boise State versus San Diego State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Boise State seeks revenge Saturday night against San Diego State, and it sure seems like the Broncos are out for revenge a lot lately. More revenge will hopefully come two weeks from now, but I'm getting ahead of myself. One game at a time, Coach Pete would tell me if he would return my many calls.

Predict the score for Boise State versus San Diego State


There is something wrong with me because I keep assuming Boise State is going to be playing Fresno two weeks from Saturday in the Mountain West championship. This arrogance cannot please the football gods, so give SDSU an extra touchdown or two. Still, I think the Broncos are the superior team, and if they play defense as well as they did against Wyoming, the offense might only need 21 points to win. So how about Boise State 21, San Diego State 14.


Boise State's defense has played pitifully on the road, but I don't think that San Diego State's offense is much to get worried about as rushing defense isn't really our weakness. If Quinn Kaehler can suddenly become Derek Carr, I'd say we're in for a sleepless night.

I'm actually more concerned about San Diego State's DEFENSE because they run an unorthodox scheme that tends to give teams us, for example, just a year ago. They tend to "bring the house" on every down to get after the QB, which may actually be a benefit to us with Grant Hedrick under center, if he can sidestep the initial wave, he might find a lot of running room at the second level. If not, he's going to be harassed all night. Ultimately this is a team that was taken to OT by a winless Hawaii squad last week while we boatraced a moderately dangerous Wyoming team. I think we're playing better right now than the Aztecs and revenge will be a dish served lukewarm...Broncos win 34-21


Your turn to put on your prognosticating hat (it's the derby with the feather). Share your score prediction in the comments.