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Wake up, here's the title you wanted: 11-21-13

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Editor's Note: Thank you for helping to rename the morning links. After many great submissions and also the Lyle Smithsonian, the winner is Wake Up, Bronco Nation. We might slip in a Wake up and smell the links every so often, just to keep you on your toes. Let's do this again next year. It was fun.

The Boise State basketball team continues to demand attention

If they'd just quit playing so well, we could go back to focusing on football 24/7, the way God intended. Instead, Boise State is 3-0 after a win over Seattle University (bona fide basketball team) and on the cusp of the Top 25. The Broncos play Saturday at 10:00 a.m. on ESPN3 - the one on the computer - versus New Orleans. Saturday! Of all days.

Idaho is a hilariously enormous underdog

The Vandals are 57-point underdogs against Florida State on Saturday. Gif response:


Lofty headline from Tom Scott

Tom Scott is a poet and he doesn't even know it. (Just kidding, he totally knows it.)

Adam Muema could be a problema

Here is some BCS analysis, if you even care

Boise State is nowhere near this story, so feel free to ignore if you want. However, if you ignore, you will miss Fresno being dragged under the bus as one of the worst BCS busters of all time. Bill Connelly speaks truth to power.

There's a thing called UPS Team Performance, and Boise State is No. 20

The ranking includes measures for offense, defense, special teams, winning percentage, opponent quality, and miscues, which I assume means turnovers and hiring Paul Petrino. The Broncos are No. 20, Idaho is No. 118, and those are the only two I bothered looking up.

Nick Saban responds to reporter's idiot question

A reporter asked Nick Saban if he had an opinion on this week's Sports Illustrated cover of A.J. McCarron. Saban didn't.

A fat guy touchdown for the ages

ETC: Matt Paradis's alma mater has its work cut out for them ... What am I looking at here?...  Introverts ... Extroverts ... This dog.