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Bronco Roundup 11-19-13 OR The Daily Dig 11-19-13

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Before Kevan slams his gavel on our little experiment, I wanted to get off the TWO and final ideas that I had below.

EA Simulation

The good is when we win by a lot. The ugly is when we win by a field goal. I just don't see a scenario here that we lose, and I'm closing my eyes, plugging my ears, and I don't want you to try and tell me otherwise.

Ajayi closing in on history, joins elite company.

Another Vegas Bowl?

SI is predicting the Broncos vs the Trojans in Vegas. I wouldn't mind this matchup. It sure would be fun to stomp one of the most iconic programs in the country.

Bronco hoops closing in on a top 25 appearance.

The boys on the hardwood take on Seattle University tonight at the bell. The game should be broadcast on Root Sports.

Oh, your feelers are hurt, Coach Meyer? Welcome to our world. This is how it feels.