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Bronco Basketball Observations: 11-18-13

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Observation 1:

Boise State still doesn't have a dominant rebounder, but Boise State is a better rebounding team than last year

Proof: Ryan Watkins is averaging 7.5 rebounds per game against two undersized opponents so that number is likely to only drop. The good news is three other players are averaging 5+ rebounds per game (Marks, Trent and Hadziomerovic). Last year, Watkins led the team with 6.8 rebounds per game followed by Kenny Bucker with 5.2 and Anthoney Drmic with 4.6.

Observation 2:

Jeff Elorriaga can still shoot

Proof: One game. Twelve minutes. 26 points. 7-8 from three. I know UTA and Simpson aren't Syracuse's 2-3 Zone, but 7-8 from three is really good when you are shooting by yourself in the gym let alone against other college athletes in front of 5,500 people.

Observation 3:

... and so can the rest of the team

Proof: So far this year, Boise State is shooting 54.9% from three and 57% overall. The team has a problem, however, hitting the unguarded, open ones shooting only 68.8% from the free throw line.

Observation 4:

Igor Hadziomerovic is the truest point guard the Broncos have, but might only be the sixth or seventh best playmaker on the team.

Proof: Hadziomerovic's has registered a 3.33 Assist/Turnover ratio, while Derrick Marks has posted a .875 AST/TO ratio. Generally, a good ratio is anything above 2.0. Iggy has proven to be a solid floor general on the court and is more than worthy of his new position of Pusher. It's pretty apparent, however, that Marks, Drmic, Elorriaga, Thompson, and probably Trent, are all better all-around playmakers out on the floor... and that is fine.

Observation 5:

Boise State hasn't played anybody

Proof: University of Texas-Arlington (Sun Belt Conference) and Simpson University (NAIA Cal Pac Conference). Enough said. Coming up, the Broncos have some interesting games against 2-1 Seattle University (WAC), 2-1 Moscow High School University of Idaho (WAC), and 2-0 Utah (Pac12) before showdowns with Kentucky and the field at the Diamond Head Classic.