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Predict the score for Boise State versus Wyoming

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Seems like just yesterday that this Boise State - Wyoming game was to decide the Mountain West Mountain race and get those $25 Boise State tickets out the door lickety-split. No one's licking nothing, though, now that Wyoming has tanked. Speaking of potential disappointment, let's check out our expert predictions (and yours, likely to be much less disappointing).

Predict the score for Boise State versus Wyoming

Chase Glorfield

I still don't understand why everyone thinks Brett Smith is an elite Mountain West quarterback. He's average, which fits right in with the Wyoming team.

If Fresno can handle the Pokes in Laramie, Boise State will certainly bring the pain on The Blue. The Broncos easily beat Wyoming at home, helping the conference's most overrated team continue its downward spiral.

Boise State 42, Wyoming 13, Gabe Perez gets a pick-six.

Kevan Lee

I kind of love it when Boise State's future opponents start playing really poor just before they play the Broncos, so Wyoming's slide has been glorious. I don't have to turn an ulcer in the buildup to the game, and I can predict wild things like Boise State 51, Wyoming 21 and not feel guilty. Saturday night will be no defensive tutorial video, so the score could certainly get out of hand. With Wyoming trending down and Boise State trending up, hopefully it gets out of Dave Christensen's hand (made easier by all the middle fingers he's holding up).

Drew Roberts

Before the CSU game I announced that I hadn't figured out the Boise State team yet (losing to BYU frightened and confused me). Now, I believe I have. Boise State has an explosive offense and an undisciplined defense that also happens to be decimated by injuries and chock full of fresh-faced youngsters. A "meh" defense may not kill you if your offense is clicking...but there's a reason they say "defense wins championships"...and Boise State hasn't looked like a championship-caliber team this year-I should know, I've seen a LOT of Bronco championship teams lately. This isn't to say Boise State isn't in the conference's upper echelon-they are...they just don't have the defensive consistency right now to boat race teams like Bronco squads of old (and by old, I mean "2012"). If the Broncos can get some players back this weekend and find a cure for fumble-itis, they should beat Wyoming by a good 15+ points. If the game is closer, I have to believe it's because our defense couldn't make a stop. Brett Smith is a good QB and he can buy enough time with his scrambling ability to find an open receiver. Also, finding open receivers isn't as tricky as it once was against our secondary. Still, Boise State's D is in good shape compared to Wyoming's and our offense should be able to score at will (until our will runs out when we're up by 3 scores). I think Boise's return to Bronco Stadium will be a good one-Boise State 47, Wyoming 27

Nate Peters

We're still predicting scores? Haven't we taught ourselves enough lessons yet? You can not predict what this Boise State team will do! I love lamp! But seriously, I think Hedrick really starts to settle in to his new role, and puts on a frigid, night-time show for the Bronco faithful. Hedrick throws 3 TD's, runs for another (and 100+ yards), while Ajayi adds two of his own. Brett whoever and the Cowboys will be no match for our offensive prowess. No comment on what the defense does or does not do. Final Score: Boise State 42, Wyoming 17.


What will be the final score of Saturday night's game? Go Swami in the comments.