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Happy Veterans Day, 'Nuggies!

This day is meant to honor those who have served our country, past and present. For Bronco Nation, it is also a chance to honor a treasured part of our community.

Many people knock Boise State for being a "commuter school" but don't realize why many of those people live off-campus. What they don't realize is that many of those students who commute to class are either currently in the military or are veterans, making Boise State University a school with one of the largest military populations in the country. Veterans and Active Duty soldiers are an integral and everlasting part of Bronco Nation, Boise State, and OBNUG.

So, Veterans and Active Duty of Bronco Nation, thank you. Keep making us proud.


If you would like to honor a fellow 'Nuggie, please do so below. They deserve it.