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Predict the score for Boise State vs. Colorado State

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Ah, Colorado State, the prediction thread normally reserved for insanely large blowouts now with ... more competitiveness? That's so weird - too weird, in fact, for some of our predictors. Old habits die hard, including the habit where you pick Boise State to score 70 against Colorado State.

Predict the score for Boise State vs. Colorado State


Shocked and sad. That's how I feel about losing in October. I think this is just a different type of Bronco team. Luckily all Bronco teams have some things in common. They are high class student athletes, they are lead by the great Chris Petersen, they set high expectations for success, and they beat Colorado State. I don't see why this team should be any different. Boise State 72 Colorado State 31.

Drew Roberts

8 games in to the season and I feel like I still don't know much about this Bronco team .One thing I do know, however, is that they don't lose twice in a row. The Broncos' defense will rebound and the offense, I assume, has received innoculations from the rampant fumbleitis of a week ago. Broncos 47, Colorado State 19

Kevan Lee

Despite the Broncos' three losses (and excluding the season opener disaster), this year's Boise State team has been fun to watch. They are unpredictable in an endearing way, like a child or a puppy dog who means well but just can't hold onto a football or defend the pass. I'm predicting a Boise State win, 35-14, but who really knows? It will be competitive because, Washington notwithstanding, all of Boise State's games have been. It will be nervy because, Tenn-Martin and Southern Miss notwithstanding, all of Boise State's games have had many moments where I wanted to throw up because of anxiety. Were this the Broncos team of yesteryear, they'd beat Colorado State by 50. But the team of today? They'll win, but who knows how.

Nate Peters

At this point, I'm more equipped to predict when my daughter is going to cry than I am to predict the score for a Boise State football game. Alas - the burden is mine, and predict I shall. I think the Colorado State head coach was right when he said this team was ripe for an ass whuppin. I don't disagree. I think the Broncos come out mad - not deflated. They come out with the biggest chip they've ever had on their collective shoulder. A chip so big you could eat an entire thing of Chili's queso dip out of it. It's not a good weekend to be a Rams fan. Boise State 64, Colorado State 17.

Chase Glorfield

Losing sucks. Losing often sends people into depression, especially those of us who are used to winning. That said, Boise State is still 5-3, and a 10-win season and Mountain West title are still possible.

In other words, let's stop our belly-aching and cheer this team to victory after victory.

Colorado State stands no chance against the pissed off Broncos, and the Rams know it.

Boise State 38, Colorado State 13


What will be the final score of the Boise State - Colorado State game? You tell me.