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Roundtable: Who has been Boise State's MVP so far?

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

The bye week is here (blah!), so now's the time to put on the contemplative OBNUG hats - the derbies with the feathers - and wax nostalgic about the past five weeks of Boise State football. For instance ...

Who has been Boise State's MVP so far?

I'll let the roundtablers roundtable it out.

Drew Roberts

This is a tough question given that this year has been all about teamwork. The Broncos have won as a team and lost as a team and I can't think of one individual player that has put the Broncos on his back in any one game. The best I can do is to name the player that has impressed me most and the player that I would like to get injured the LEAST. The player that has impressed me the most is probably OLB Ben Weaver. Weaver has gone from #2 on the depth chart to co-starter to starter in a very short time frame and might be playing the best defense on the squad with 37 tackles to his name. The player I'd LEAST like to have sustain an injury would be Matt Miller - he hasn't set the most torrid pace, but still seems to be our most consistent and reliable receiving threat.

*Disclaimer: I don't want to see ANY player sustain an injury. Simply stating whose injury might be the biggest blow to team performance/chemistry.

Chase Glorfield

My first thought is Joe Southwick. It might not be the most accepted choice, but the Boise State offense goes as far as the quarterback takes it. Without Joe, nothing happens. Hear me out. Jay Ajayi, Aaron Baltazar and Co. are very good, probably the most talented position group on the team. But without a legitimate passing threat, the box is stacked and the running backs gets bottled up.

Grant Hedrick is a worthy backup, but he's still a backup, and fumbles more often than I care to think about. Joe is Boise State's MVP this far based solely on how far offensive production would drop without him.

Kevan Lee

True story, back in my high school football days, I played center and received the offensive player of the week award once and only once, the week we blew out a team and no one really stood out above anyone else. By default, I got to have my name in the stars because someone had to and all the skill players and better offensive linemen either already had their due or were going to get enough due later. When in doubt, go with a lineman I guess. To wit, Matt Paradis is my first half MVP because a) the Bronco O-line has been the best unit on the team, b) Paradis makes the calls and is in the middle of everything, and c) I like centers. Enjoy it while it lasts, Paradis. The spotlight abhors a big ugly.


If you had to pick one player as MVP-to-date, who would it be?