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Burning questions for Boise State vs. Colorado State

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Is Colorado State for real?

How will the Broncos bounce back from a disappointing loss to BYU?

Has Boise State solved its turnover problem?

Has Boise State solved its Robert Prince problem?

Which is more metropolitan: Fort Collins, Colorado, or Mountain Home, Idaho?

Who is more metrosexual: Gabe Linehan or a chimney sweep?

Is Grant Hedrick being too unselfish with his read options? Does he love Jay Ajayi too much?

Anyone been to the new Village mall thing in Meridian?

Will MW commissioner Craig Thompson be in attendance on Saturday or does he have a previous engagement at Famous Sam's?

Did Joe Southwick get my post-surgery edible arrangement?

Name any former Colorado State player.

Bradlee Van Pelt ... aaaaand that's all I got.

Would you rather drink orange juice and then brush your teeth or eat garlic fries and never brush your teeth?

Are you there, God? It's me, Chris Tormey.

Will Tim Socha be in the lockerroom to keep Dillon Lukehart company during the first half?

Is Jeremy Ioane healthy?

Is Kirby Moore still injured or is he now an assistant coach?

Where does Jake Hardee rank on the team's list of offensive weapons?

I just thought of another former Colorado State player. Joey Porter.

Is Dan Hawkins going to be the new offensive coordinator next year?