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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-31-13

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Halloween, you guys


Be safe. Have fun. Dress up your kids like NFL coaches? (Man, the parenting bar is being raised.)

Fumbling. Watcha gonna do?

I don't think they should be fighting for extra yards.

That's Chris Petersen's feeling on ball carriers, specifically Shane Williams-Rhodes and Jay Ajayi. But isn't asking Shane Williams-Rhodes to run north-south a little like asking a Maserati to drive through a neighborhood?

Kickoff time for Boise State - Wyoming could be way late

Tom Scott points out that ESPN flexed next week's Fresno State - Wyoming game into the well-past-prime-time spot of 10:15 ET. Fresno is a BCS contender, so by deductive reasoning that would push Boise State vs. Wyoming into, say, Sunday.

Plenty of good FanPosts to go around

Here is some recommended reading from the FanPosts in case you haven't already been reading: 1) a breakdown of why it's hard to hate Colorado State, 2) a poll blaming people for things, and 3) how life isn't over at 5-3.

Stats are weird


See you guys on Saturday

Don't forget, there is an OBNUG watch party at Boise Fry Company this Saturday night for the Boise State - Colorado State game. Be there or be square (it's also possible to be both ... or to have a perfectly fine excuse not to be there).

ETC: Do not go trick-or-treating in Fargo, North Dakota ... Recommended Halloween viewing for us shut-ins: Mystery Science Theater's Touch of Satan ... This dog.