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Stat check: Get mathematical with the latest Boise State numbers and rankings

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Stats are for losers, according to Bill Belichick and others, so this post is going to be the lamest post ever written. It is all about stats - the good, bad, and ugly numbers of where Boise State stands today. Dweeb on.

Important stats

Chris Petersen and gang are not high on statistics, but there are a few that have come up in Coach Pete conversations over the years (almost always immediately preceded by "no question about it"). Other stats matter, but these matter more, according to the person who matters the most.

Pass efficiency rating


  • 25th nationally
  • Baylor is No. 1 at 239.64
  • Western Michigan is No. 125 at 82.23
  • Idaho is No. 64 at 134.70

Nerd alert: The NCAA pass efficiency formula is: [ { (8.4 * yards) + (330 * touchdowns) - (200 * interceptions) + (100 * completions) } / attempts ].

Yards per attempt


  • 44th nationally
  • Baylor is No. 1 at 15.0
  • Virginia is No. 125 at 4.3
  • Idaho is No. 54 at 7.5

Turnover margin


  • 25th nationally
  • Houston is No. 1 at +11
  • Southern Miss is No. 125 at -11
  • Idaho is No. 79 at -1

Turnovers forced

In the past, Bronco coaches have set a target of 30 forced turnovers per season. Here is what they have so far:


  • On pace for 26
  • Currently tied for 13th nationally

Explosive plays - 20 yards or more


  • 25th nationally

First down defense - yards allowed


Third down defense - conversion %


  • 112th nationally

Traditional stats

Beyond the Important Stats are the traditional stats, the ones that get thrown into hastily-prepared television graphics and placed last-minute into gaping holes in newspaper pages. Trust these numbers at your peril. For instance, could it be that a team ranks highly in scoring offense because they score a lot on defense and special teams? Yes. Anything is possible if you can dream it.

Total Offense


  • 23rd nationally
  • Rushing: 209 ypg, 39th nationally
  • Passing: 281 ypg, 34th nationally

Scoring Offense


  • 18th nationally

Total Defense


  • 74th nationally
  • Rushing: 154 ypg, 63rd nationally
  • Passing: 251 ypg, 87th nationally

Scoring Defense


  • 56th nationally

Boise State is first in something

The stat of the week in which Boise State is closest to No. 1.

Completion % - 73%, 2nd nationally

We're coming for you, Baylor (75%)!

Boise State is last in something

The stat of the week in which Boise State is closest to No. 125.

Red zone defense % - 94%, 113th nationally

Boise State lets people score touchdowns and field goals almost all the time. (Tulsa literally lets it happen all the time, i.e. 21-for-21.)

All stats from cfbstats and Know Huddle.