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POG Prediction: Boise State vs BYU

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry this one is a bit late, folks - I was busy HAVING A BABY! By way of an update, I'm going to slightly hijack this post to give ya'll some insight into our week. We welcomed our first baby into the world on Tuesday evening. My wife was grocery shopping at Winco when her water broke at 2pm. By 5pm, we had our sweet little Bronco fan in our arms. A 100% natural birth! The past few days have been surreal, to say the least. Thanks for all the support and well-wishes. It's good to be a NUGgie.

Ever Olivia Peters

6lb 5loz, 20.5 inches long


In a new OBNUG tradition, we'll be making official Player of the Game (POG) predictions the day leading up to every Boise State game of the season. Additionally, we will hold an official POG Vote after the game, just to see how incredibly wrong all of our predictions were. Let the predicting begin!


Former POG Predictions

Boise State vs Air Force: Jay Ajayi

Boise State vs Fresno State: Jay Ajayi

Boise State vs Southern Miss: Aaron Baltazar

Boise State vs Utah State: Joe Southwick

Boise State vs Nevada: Jay Ajayi

Former POGs

Boise State vs Washington: Dan Goodale

37 YD. Field Goal, 20 YD. Field Goal

Boise State vs UTM: Shane Williams-Rhodes

2 RUSH., 26 YDS., 7 REC., 89 YDS., 12.7 AVG., 2 TD., 30 LNG., 186 APY. (all-purpose yards)

Boise State vs Air Force: Joe Southwick

27 CMP., 29 ATT., 287 YDS., 93% CMP., 33 LNG., 1 TD.

Boise State vs Fresno State: Aaron Baltazar

18 ATT., 92 YDS., 5.1 AVG., 35 LNG., 2 TD.

Boise State vs Southern Miss: Demarcus Lawrence

2 SOLO., 3 AST., 5 TOT., 1.0/6 TFL/YDS., 1 FF., 2 BLCK. FG., 1.0/6 SACK/YDS.

Boise State vs Utah State: Shane Williams-Rhodes

13 REC., 150 YDS., 11.5 AVG., 39 LNG., 1 TD.,

Boise State vs Nevada: Grant Hedrick

18 CMP., 21 ATT., 150 YDS., 85.7 CMP. %., 23 LNG, 8 RUSH, 115 YDS., 2TD., 96 QBR.

POG Prediction