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Burning questions for Boise State vs. BYU

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

How will Grant Hedrick perform against a good defense?

How will Grant Hedrick perform against teams with tape on him?

How will Grant Hedrick perform against my impossibly high expectations of him?

Will the game be decided on a fat guy touchdown like last year's did?

If so, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe?

Who played Taysom Hill this week on the scout team? A pig covered in grease?

What is Gabe Linehan dressing up as for Halloween?

Would you rather have a pouch with a little kangaroo in it or live in the pouch of a giant kangaroo? Twist: The little kangaroo is Mark May.

How relieved were you to see that Robert Prince didn't just call all Wildcat plays after Joe Southwick got injured?

Who will go first in the NFL Draft: Kyle Van Noy or Demarcus Lawrence?

Who will go first in Mark Johnson's fantasy draft: Doug Ajayi or Grant Hendricks?

How good can BYU's defense be if Houston scored 46 points?

Is Taysom Hill related to Grant Hill?

Who's faster: Grant Hedrick, Taysom Hill, or me on a Segway? (I can really lean into a Segway.)

Have you guys seen cranberry Sprite at the store? Is it any good?

More likely scenario: Ben Weaver takes a play off or the sun burns out?

Will this be the week that Jake Hardee leads the team in receiving? I'm asking for a friend's fantasy team.

What happens to Joe Southwick's mustache when Southwick is injured?

What does Doug Martin think of Greg Schiano?

Over/under on helpful things Danny Kanell points out during the ESPN broadcast? 5?

What does one do for fun in Provo?

Is Coach Pete going out to celebrate his 100th game as Bronco head coach? Does Coach Pete know or care that he's coached 100 games?

Are you there, God? It's me, Wyoming.