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POG Vote: Boise State vs Nevada

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah, umm, I don't really think anyone expected that. Southwick goes down with a broken ankle on the first offensive play of the game. A fan base that has been highly critical of him goes quiet, silently hoping for his return. Backup quarterback Grant Hedrick (who?) comes in and the Broncos go down by 10. The team seemed to go to the locker room with Southwick, and were noticeably stunned by his absence. But then Hedrick reminds us why we were so excited to pick him up out of Oregon four years ago. He commands the no-huddle, pistolesque offense in a way that Southwick can only dream of. Ya see, this Hedrick kid can run. The escapability factor is undeniable. Nevada has to respect the speed and dual-threat nature of this kid. Oh and we can't forget about ol' pickle juice running for a bazillion yards as well.

Did I mention dual-threat recruit Jalen Greene was in the house last night? If he wasn't excited about seeing what the offense can look like with a true, dual-threat quarterback under center can do, he must not have a pulse.

Good luck to BYU preparing for a kid they've never heard of with no tape to study. Oh and ours can run AND throw.

Boise State vs Nevada POG Prediction


Jay Ajayi, Sophomore, RB

Jay Ajayi won our POG prediction with 36% of the votes. But there were also two lone homers that voted Grant Hedrick. Who's going to win the vote now that we've seen the data? Let's go!