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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-2-13


Despite the title, this morning's post is mostly about basketball. It's a bye week and great Bronco football stories are hard to come by.

Anthony Drmic spent the summer vactioning in exotic Australia

Oh, that's right, he's from there. Anyway, he feels great coming off the rest. Considering he says he felt terrible at the start of last year's season, we should be in for some big things.

ESPN highlights how Derrick Marks made is way to the 208

I like the profile of his father, Derrick Marks, Sr. A lot of parents go way overboard boosting up their children. Not DMarks' pa. I respect that.

ESPN Insider: Boise State Basketball Preview

Disney’s cash machine, ESPN, helped build Bronco Nation

A long, but essential read for Bronco fans. To think, the same company that produced Snow Dogs has played a major role in shaping the future of Boise State and, dare I say, the state of Idaho. Boise State always gets knocked for it's academic performance, especially by Vandals. By many objective measures, that is true, but due to ESPN's help, I postulate that University of Idaho will continue to lose ground to us "Truck Drivers".

Hot off the presses: Ol' Cripesy caught up with Future Bronco, Jalen Greene

Boise State is always a National Title contender in this sport