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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 10-17-13

Tom Pennington

The College Football Playoff puts its destiny in the hands of these guys and Condoleezza Rice

College football's four-team, barely playoff announced the selection committee that will be placing Alabama into the four-team playoff for the foreseeable future. Meet the deciders:

  • Archie Manning
  • Oliver Luck
  • Pat Haden
  • Tom Osborne
  • Barry Alvarez
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Mike Gould
  • Tom Jernstedt
  • Dan Radakovich
  • Mike Tranghese
  • Steve Wieberg
  • and for kicks and giggles, Tyrone Willingham

The committee will release team rankings every two weeks, rankings based on criteria such as "conference championships won." WAC championships, ya think?

Nevada: The Harvard of Reno

Wolf Pack coach Brian Polian stirred some pots this week with comments about the relative academic strength of Boise State versus Nevada, leading us Bronco fans to infer that Nevada loses out on recruits to Boise State because of Nevada's tougher academic standards and causing us Bronco fans to guffaw at the thought.

Oregon to go pink

October is National Pizza Month and National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Oregon will celebrate the latter by wearing pink helmets in this week's game versus Washington State.


Leon Rice is homecoming parade's grand marshall

In related news, there is a homecoming concert featuring The BGP, Calico, and Michael Limbert, none of whom I've heard of and really I'm just assuming they're all bands but don't really know for sure. Nothing like a college concert to make you realize how out of touch you are.

Idaho Statesman mails in its headline on Dan Goodale story

Obvious headline is obvious.

Joe Southwick is one of 15 quarterbacks to make the cut for Unitas Award

The Unitas Award values seniority, impending graduation, good quarterbacking, and hopefully mustaches.

ETC: BRB, got to save the world from bird flu ... Me, at IKEA, by the time we reach the plants section ... This dog.