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POG Vote: Boise State vs Utah State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

We're gonna have to make this quick, y'all - my wife is in labor! Seriously!

If there was ever a season for Chuckie Keeton to get injured, it was this season. Not that any of us wish for harm on anyone who plays this sport we love; but c'mon, we could use this break. The team played great for a few quarters, and not so great for a few more. Now that our prediction is in for the POG, let's make an actual vote. Who was your POG for the game?

Boise State vs Utah State POG Prediction


Joe Southwick, Senior, QB

With 24% (barely edged out Nick Patti by 23%) of the votes, YOU thought Joe Southwick would be the POG against Utah State. Now that we've seen some interceptions and touchdowns, were you right? Who was your POG for Boise State vs Utah State?