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Predict the score for Boise State vs. Utah State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

What will happen in tomorrow night's Boise State - Utah State game? I have no idea, but that doesn't stop me and my fellow writers from pretending we do. Ignorance is a building block of blogging.

Predict the score for Boise State vs. Utah State


Although I still bemoan the loss of Baltazar and Ebo, I think that the Aggies are in a much greater level of mourning this week after seeing Chuckie Keeton go down. All is not lost for the season, but instead of being one of the clear cut best three teams in the MWC, Utah State has likely dropped down to the best team in the second tier (with Fresno and Boise alone in the top tier). Although Keeton didn't play defense, his dynamic play would have enabled the Aggies to attempt to make this an offensive shootout. Without Keeton, this game will likely be more similar game, with the defense starting a little slow, but eventually containing the Aggie offense.

I think the offense scores on three big plays, there are finally a few turnovers against a conference opponent and the Broncos win 49-20 in a game that was really never that close.

Drew Roberts

Just realized last night that Chuckie Keeton and Colin Kaepernick share the same initials. Spooky because Keeton means as much to the Aggie offense as ole Kaep meant to the Wolf Pack offense. Without Keeton, the Aggie offense is just average and likely not capable of going blow for blow with the Bronco offense. Now, Utah State is in the top 25 in total defense-thanks largely to a solid front seven, so the Broncos aren't likely to simply run away with this contest...but the Aggies offense has been largely neutered with the loss of Keeton (and second leading rusher Joe Hill). Given that a BYU squad that didn't score a passing touchdown in the entire month of September was able to drop 31 on the Aggies, I'm relatively certain the Broncos can improve on that number, albeit slightly, to the tune of 37 points. Boise State has to worry much less about the Aggie ground game now, so will be able to commit to stopping the passing attack...Utah State will be able to score 17 with their regrouped offense. To recap: Boise State offense = pretty good, Aggie offense = not AS good, Aggie defense = good, Boise State defense = good enough. Broncos 37, Aggies 17

Chase Glorfield

Boise State is 0-2 on the road, caused by the toughest away schedule in recent memory. That looked like it would continue Saturday until Utah State QB Chuckie Keeton pulled a DJ Harper and tore an ACL (and MCL in his case. Yikes.) That injury puts quite a damper on the excitement that this matchup would bring.

But don't be fooled, the Aggies are still a very good team, especially on defense. It would be a huge mistake for the Broncos to head to Logan thinking they will walk over Utah State.

In the end, Boise State has too much offensive fire power and the defense continues to show improvement in harassing whichever quarterback Utah State sends out there (DeMarcus Lawrence time) as the Broncos pick up their first road win of 2013.

Boise State 42, Utah State 21, and Jonathan Moxey gets the first INT of his career.

Kevan Lee

The Utah State defense concerns me more than anything because Boise State has not faced a good defense since Washington. And that didn't go too well. I'm sure the Broncos will get more than six points on Saturday (jinx much?), but will they score more than 30? Will they need to? This is a situation where a time machine would be helpful. Boise State 24, Utah State 12.

Nate Peters

Utah State scares me because it's a road game. And y'all know how we do on the road. I was mostly concerned about Chuckie Keeton, and despite his absence, I'm still pretty uneasy. The Broncos traditionally travel well to Logan, and that will definitely help against a stout defense and potent offense. The Bronco D makes another big stride and holds the Aggies under 20 points, while Southwick and Co. go to work. Final score: Boise State 28, Utah State 17.


Your turn to pretend like you know everything and put our predictions to shame. Go!