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Burning questions for Boise State vs. Utah State

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Can Boise State move the ball consistently against Utah State's defense?

Who will be starting quarterback for Utah State? Craig Harrison? Darell Garretson? A Chuckie Keeton highlights DVD driving a Roomba?

I'm making Aaron Baltazar a soup. Chicken noodle or clam chowder? (Trick question. I can only make chili.)

For medical redshirt purposes, does the NCAA count the UT-Martin and Southern Miss games as games or "games"?

What does it feel like to tear a pectoral muscle? Compare it to carpal tunnel because that's more in my wheelhouse.

When Chris Petersen says he's "looking for a change," does he realize how awful change can be?

Has he consulted Dan Hawkins?

Would you rather have legs as long as your fingers or fingers as long as your legs?

What is a Petrino family reunion like, on a scale of Jerry Spring Show to Tyler Perry's House of Payne?

When does the basketball season start? <-----feels strange asking this

What is an Aggie?

What is a Crimson Tide?

What is a Boise Burn?

What facial hair will Joe Southwick grow for Boise State's next winning streak: fu manchu or neck beard?

Is Matt Miller related to Reggie Miller?

What does the god of ACL tears like for appeasement? Frosted Mini Spooners?

Can I get odds on who will finish the season with more field goal blocks: Demarcus Lawrence or the Sun Belt?

What does Chris Petersen think about the Texas job? Never mind. Stupid question.

If the Broncos beat Utah State and BYU in the regular season and Utah in a bowl game, does that make Chris Petersen automatic governor of Utah?

True or false: There is a Powerade machine in the new Boise State lockerroom.

True or false: There is a Blizzard machine in the new Boise State lockerroom.

Should the Broncos be favored by more than seven points against the Aggies?

What is the health status of Kirby Moore, Aaron Burks, and who-else-knows-could-be-anyone-really?

What will the Broncos do for an encore of Fumblerooski?