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View from Tablerock: It's All About Media Exposure

Putting Boise State Football in front of millions of eyeballs has far-reaching effects on the success of our program, our University, and even our city.

Wanna know what was in President Kustra's mind when he was negotiating with the Big East and Mountain West? Look no further than your TV set. Because that's where his focus has been all along. President Kustra's goals extend far beyond growing the athletic budget; he wants to grow the University... and take the city along with it. And he knows the best way to get there is to get Boise State University in front of as many people as possible for as long as possible.

Some recent quotes regarding the new Mountain West contract:

Coach Pete: This innovative proposal to get football the maximum exposure on national television will be a tremendous boost to our program as we continue to grow the Bronco brand.

President Dr. Kustra "The benefits of geographic footprint, revenue, and national exposure have to be balanced against the changing circumstances of conference realignment."

According to Boise State's website, "A key factor in Boise State's decision to remain in the Mountain West has been the Bronco's home football television rights."

Despite all the talk about maximizing conference revenue, President Kustra's primary objective during these never-ending negotiations has been maximizing Boise State's media exposure. Sure, cash is important. And without cash, the program cannot continue to expand its stadium and improve its facilities. But President Kustra knows one thing: if cash is king, media exposure is emperor.

President Kustra knows that in order for the program to continue to grow, it must have a continual presence on television. After all, nothing attracts recruits more than watching a team win on TV. Boise State's got the winning thing down. It just needs to make sure it maintains a steady media presence.

Oh, and let's not forget the non-student athletes whose eyeballs are captured. It's no secret University admissions skyrocket when a school's football or men's basketball programs has success. In Boise State's quest to become a "University of Distinction", it sure helps to have a better caliber of student seeking to enroll year after year.

Plus, the City of Trees itself has a lot to thank its hometown university for. The marketing exposure provided by Boise State football has been priceless. Time and again, sports commentators talk up our community's beauty, recreation, and hospitality. No Chamber of Commerce could come close to matching the benefits gained from Boise State's ongoing football exposure. Think local businesses have gained from a surge of interested out-of-town job candidates? Better believe it.

In this latest round of musical conferences, President Kustra negotiated an amazing deal, getting just what he wanted: the ability to sell Boise State's home games to a national audience. Sure, the extra cash is nice. But it's the exposure he's really after. For anyone doubting President Kustra's leadership ability, never forget 2012 - the year our University dramatically improved its ability to market itself to a national audience for years to come. Because remember, in collegiate athletics - and even academics - it's all about media exposure.