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ATH Dionza Blue appropriately chooses The Blue

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After committing to the red of Fresno State a few weeks ago, Bishop Amat athlete Dionza Blue had a change of heart and decided to go with the much more fitting blue of Boise State. Blue (6'0", 180 lbs) played both running back and defensive back at Bishop Amat, but looks like he may be coming in on the defensive side of things for the Broncos (CB or Safety). Blue was scheduled to visit Boise in a few weeks, and it doesn't look like that has changed. He had offers from Fresno State (obviously), SDSU, New Mexico State, Hawaii and Bethune-Cookman. Blue looks to be the 23rd commit of the 2013 class—at least one schollie will be held in this class, however, as DE Durrant Miles will first be taking a church mission.