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So, whatcha wanna talk about?

Let's talk.
Let's talk.

The season is freshly over and a long, and largely pigskin-less offseason awaits us. That can mean crushing despair with a heaping helping of OSAD (Offseason Affective Disorder). But don't practice your rugby-style punts with the cat while you watch your worn-out copy of A Decade of Dominance—OBNUG is here to help. LOI day is right around the corner and then Spring Ball...the Numerical Roster Countdown...and BAM!, National Championship game. So, clearly a lot of content will write itself, but in between our offseason benchmarks here's where you faithful OBNUGers come in. The offseason is as good a time as any to entertain ourselves with new features, contests, polls, or Vandal jokes—so what'll it be? Make your suggestions in the comments and if we reach a consensus, we'll do our level best to roll out some new features whilst we twiddle our thumbs through the wasteland of football-lessness. You've got the weekend to think it over...ready...GO.

Your turn

Want me to track someone down for a podcast? Is there a former Bronco we could entice with Blizzards to join our editorial team? Need a comprehensive list of Broncos who are fresh out of Twitter prison? Let's hear it.