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Boise State all-time names team

What's in a name? Vowels, consonants...dash of paprika. I don't really know what's in a name, but these Broncos had some great ones.

Otto Kitsinger III

I'll be the first to admit that I'm trying to post filler for the rest of the week, so next week can be all recruiting all the time...but we can still have a bit of fun while we count the days till LOI. Today, I'm compiling an extremely subjective list of all-time great names in Boise State history. The players on the list could have been stars or benchwarmers, I'm simply ranking them according to how cool, unusual, or memorable their names were. Please help me fill in any gaps—my memory isn't what it used to be.

Boise State all-time names team

Wide Receivers

Winky White - White had a sweet name and a bit of sweet game (he was an honorable mention on OBNUG's list of greatest wide receivers in Boise State history.

Tim Gilligan - Anyone remember them blasting the Gilligan's Island theme song over the Bronco Stadium PA when Gilligan went back to return punts? Those were the days.

Legedu Naanee - You can run a google search for "Ian Johnson" or even "Kellen Moore" and get a handful of different individuals...but I'm fairly certain that googling "Legedu Naanee" will only return this Bronco QB-turned-WR.

Vinny Perretta - We get it,'re Italian.

Lou Fanucchi - Yeah, you too, Lou.

Tanyon Bissell - Heir to the vacuum cleaner fortune.

Chris Christopher - /Echo

Mark Onibokun - If you were around the program in 2003, you were swept up in "Onibokun Madness".

Toshi Franklin - Can't help it...think of this every single time.


Running Backs

Richie Brockel - This sounds like a "heel" WWF wrestler. Awesome football player.

Davy Malaythong - How quickly we forget that we had a Hawaiian running back named Davy Malaythong.

Eron Hurly - Why do I think of Jeff Spicoli when I hear this name?

Brian Decker - Cool name for a fullback, bro.

Frank Kaaa - Bronco hall of famer is an A++ in my book.

Donny Heck - What the...?

Bart Hull - Son of Bobby, brother of Brett.



Ben Chuckovich - Sounds tough. Might've been. Don't remember.

Tim Hefty - Oh yes.

Kyle Gingg - While I've always doubted the need for the second "g", "Gingg" has a pleasing helmet-to-helmet sound to it. Oh...and THIS!


Larry Polowski - Great monsters of the midway type of linebacker name. Old school.

J.C. Percy - Sounded like he should be a turn-of-the-century industrialist.

Travis Burgher - Medium rare.

Defensive Backs

Ashlei Nyong-Dunham - A hyphenated last name will get you on the list...especially if "Nyong" precedes it.

Ellis Powers - Max Power, even.

Deshan Cabaong - Pronounced "Ka-Bong"...and he laid some hits that sounded similar.

Derek Tough - No recollection of this guy, but he's listed as a safety on the 2005 Bronco roster. A safety named "tough"? How was he not a star?!

Jon Barry Van Hoogen - With a name like this, you should be a member of a yacht club.

Ebenezer Makinde - The Dickens, you say!

Rolly Woolsey - Also looked like the bassist from Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem


Duran Cooley - Cooley as a cucumbery.

Defensive Linemen

Dan Gore - There's so much blood.

Bobby Hammer - Maybe one of the best Bronco names ever.

Kimo von Oelhoffen - NFL vet's name was the perfect mix of Hawaiian and Scandinavian.

Sam Ukwuachu - Freshman All-American has a great surname.

Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe - Pronounced "Chong Achoo", Has TWO hyphens. Need I say more?

Offensive Linemen

Ben Iannacchione - That's six syllables in the last name. Impressive.

Andrew Woodruff - Minwax can fix that condition.

Keith Dilworth - What's a Dilworth? About 75 cents, plus tax.

Tyrone Tutogi - I got nothing. Just awesome.


Bush Hamdan - Two in the hand worth one Bush Hamdan.

Nate Sparks - This QB could run, so I'm sure the Statesman ran a "Watch Sparks Fly" headline pun once or twice.

Cade Woolstenhulme - Ascot? Check. Monocle? Check.

Dee Pickett - Ended up a Pro on the rodeo circuit, as his name would suggest.


Nick Calaycay - Pronounced: "Kuh Lye Kye". Spelled: Nothing like it's pronounced.

Roberto Moran - Not the "No más, no más" guy.

Who else you got?

My memory only goes back so far. Who else lands on your all-time names team?