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Third time's a charm for Shipley

Wilsonville receiver Tanner Shipley has now committed thrice prior to LOI day...but this one oughtta stick.

For all those questioning the ethics of Cal for nabbing Jack Austin off our commit list, prepare for a moral dilemma. Wilsonville (OR) WR Tanner Shipley has now de-commited from BYU (for the second time) to become a part of the Broncos' 2013 class. Of course, this is just part of take the "ethics" comments with a grain of salt...Boise State loses guys to other schools all the time and on some occasions—gains them. Such is the case with recent commit Dionza Blue, who flipped his commitment from Fresno State and now Shipley...who had been a "soft verbal" at best to the Cougs after committing, de-comitting, re-committing and now expressing his intent to become a Bronco. But really, it wasn't anything BYU did wrong, it was just that Shipley had his heart set on the Broncos for some time, but didn't have an offer till a week or so ago. The 6'2" 180 lb. athlete had offers from BYU, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oregon State but seems to have long had an affinity for the Blue and Orange:

"Boise State has always been the school I’ve dreamed of playing since I was young so when I got an offer from them I knew I’d probably end up committing," he said. "It’s tough because of all the respect I have for BYU and the coaches there. It’s a class organization that was tough to tell coaches I changed my mind. I wish BYU nothing but success in the future — except when they play Boise State."

I like this kid already.

Scout analyst Brandon Huffman had wondered on Twitter last week whether Shipley would switch, especially given the fact that his teammate and good friend LB Johnny Ragin had switched from BYU to Cal last week already. Huffman's logic was sound and, unless we see one more change-of-heart, Shipley will sign with the Broncos on February 6th. Shipley accounted for 1,720 yards from scrimmage last year and 19 TDs. More from Shipley (via Deseret News)

"I wouldn’t choose any school in the country over Boise State and it’s probably the only school I’d choose over BYU," Shipley added. "I know a lot of BYU fans are mad at me right now, but I have to do what is best for me. Boise State offers me everything I want and it really is a dream come true to be a part of their program."

Here's a fairly thorough video of Shipley highlights.