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Friday Food for Thought: Gotta Rank'em All!

Look OUT!
Look OUT!
Doug Pensinger

Last Friday, as a bit of a homework assignment, I proposed that you try to assemble your "perfect" Boise State offense, using players from any team in Bronco history. Not surprisingly, this week's Friday Food for Thought centers around the defense. Let's do this.

Assemble your perfect Bronco defense, using elements from any Bronco team you wish

You gonna go with the hardest hitters or the smartest guys on the field? Mine's a bit of a mash-up. Oh, and go ahead and place 12 guys if you want, to account for our switching to a 4-2-5 D in the last couple of years.

• DE: Shea McClellin - The pride of Chicken Dinner Road

• DT: Billy Winn - When you think of Las Vegas, your first thought is Billy Winn, right?

• DT: Alex Guerrero - I'm not old, therefore I didn't put Randy Trautman. Sorry.

• DE: Erik Helgeson - Named like a Viking. Pillaged like a Viking.

• OLB: Colt Brooks - Brooks was here.


• MLB: Korey Hall - Still waiting for another Korey Hall to grace our linebacking corps. No pressure, Blake Renaud.

OLB: Andy Avalos - I can't leave Avalos off the list, but can't bump're playing OLB, Andy.

N: Winston Venable - Need I say more? (:12)

• CB: Kyle Wilson OR Jamar Taylor - I think Taylor might be a better pro, but both could lock things down.

• CB: Gabe Franklin - Interceptionz, y'all.

• SS: Quintin Mikell - Q. Mike was THE MAN.

• FS: Marty Tadman- Smart, smart, smart.

Your turn

Get to your work. There will be no extra credit for obscurity.