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Twitter 50

It's the offseason, so much of our Bronco fix will come in 140 characters (or less). Here's fifty Twitter accounts to follow until Spring ball starts—and after.

Miyazato just missed the list
Miyazato just missed the list
Scott Halleran

Recruiting news

Bearers of good tidings and bad.

@BrandonHuffman - Brandon Huffman, national recruiting guru for FOX Sports/

@InnaLazarev - Inna Lazarev, reporter for FOX Sports/

@GregBiggins - Greg Biggins, you know the drill.

@Rafter17 -

Boise State news

@murphsturph - The Statesman's Brian Murphy...reporter of things...taker of goofy pictures.


@IDS_BroncoBeat - The Statesman's Chadd Cripe.

@BSUDave - Dave Southorn, of the Press-Tribune, soon to be part of Statesman monolith.

@thescottslant - Wise sage of Bronco Nation, Tom Scott (plus, he name-checks OBNUG on occasion).

@nickjezierny - Former Boise State hoops beat writer for Statesman, now tweets sans spin.

@KTVBSportsGuy - KTVB sports jockey Jay Tust.

@GoodBadOppie - KBOI sports reporter Troy Oppie...also likes to tweet about beer.

College Football News

@BFeldmanCBS - Bruce Feldman, CBS sports columnist, friend of Mike Leach.

@DanWetzel - Yahoo! Sports columnist.

@YahooForde - Yahoo! Sports columnist, bus driver.

@McMurphyESPN - Brett McMurphy, mustachioed ESPN CFB reporter, rumor-monger.

@slmandel - Sports Illustrated CFB writer, Stewart Mandel.

@Matt_HayesSN - Matt Hayes, Sporting News senior writer.

@aadelsonESPN - Andrea Adelson, Mid-major lady blogger extraordinaire.

Informative, humorous, handsome

@DanRubenstein - Dan Rubenstein, host of Solid Verbal, wearer of plaid shirts.

@edsbs - SB Nation comrade Spencer Hall, of Every Day Should Be Saturday.

@bubbaprog - Timothy Burke, Deadspin editor, maker of gifs, fake dead girlfriend uncoverer.

Distinguished Alumni

@GAlexander21 - Former safety Gerald Alexander. Prolific tweeter, merry prankster.

@RyanClady - Ryan Clady. NFL All-Pro, former BSU left tackle, huge man.

@triplcarr - Chris Carr. Former Bronco safety, NFL journeyman, deep-thinker.

@GridironDreams- Alex Guerrero. Man with the plan.

@El_Coco_Grande - The most interesting DE in the world (Jarrell Root).


@TCrawford_40 - Canada's defensive end, playing for America's team.

@Austin_Pettis - AP, man with hands.

@DougMartin22 - Muscular Hamster.

@SheaMcClellin - Da Bears.

@TitusDYoungSr - NOT Titus Young Jr.

@QMikell27 - Quintin Mikell. Former Bronco safety, Pro-Bowler (not a Pro Bowler).

@PCavender64 - Pete Cavender, former Bronco O-lineman with face for radio.

@showoff_32 - Jeron Johnson, Seattle Seahawk, destroyer of worlds.

@OchoDaRebel_8 - George Iloka, yet another former BSU safety. Now with Bengals.

Fresh out of Pete's Twitter prison

@chris_potter3 - Chris Potter, dimunitive everyman.

@J_Tay5 - Jamar Taylor. At the senior bowl AS WE SPEAK.

@tsmithjr33 - Tommy Smith, office linebacker.

@DjHarp7 - DJ Harper, octogenarian running back.

@Lee_Trey3 - Yes, Lee Hightower is tweeting. No, that is not a good sign.

Bronco ballers, shot-callers

@dmarks_bsu - Derrick Marks, hoops BMOC.

@AnthonyDrmic - Australian basketball playing gentleman.

@jeff_elo11 - Three-ball thrower-upper.

Not Pete

@FakeCoachPete - Not Pete.

Daily Sadness

@VandalNation - Throw the V.



OBNUG contributors

@nick_kroes - Nick Kroes, podcast buddy, much taller than you'd think.

@_JesseBaker_ - Our newfound basketball guru (O.B. basketball N.U.G). Blogs for ham sandwiches.

@xBLEEDBLUEx - Nate Peters, pinch links guy.

Shameless self-promoters

@mybrainissmart - Also handsome.

@OBNUG - Followers give us nourishment.

The rest

You beautiful OBNUGers. If you're a Twitter aficionado and Kevan didn't identify you HERE, let us know who you are. I'm probably following most of you, but that doesn't mean everyone else is...and they SHOULD BE.