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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 1-2-13


Northern Illinois busts BCS, proves everyone right

The Northern Illinois Huskies busted the BCS, and was staged to make everyone in the world look crazy. In fact, down by only a few points early on, many thought we may be witnessing the BSU vs. Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl-Orange Bowl Edition. However, the Huskies proved that not every Non-AQ team has the same magic as the Broncos, falling to the Florida State Seminoles, 31-10.

Big East tried to make deal with Boise

Big East Conference Commissioner Mike Aresco tried to make a deal with Boise, but ultimately was not able to match the deal the Mountain West had offered. Membership allegedly voted against it, which helped make the decision much easier for the Broncos. Evidently they were also unwilling to supply Twinkies and Sunny Delight before each game, which really made Ricky Tjong-a-Tjoe mad.

Broncos help open multiple doors for San Diego State

With Boise State's return to the Mountain West, the San Diego State Aztecs are now faced with a tough decision: take your football program only to the crumbling Big East while dumping your best program, Men's Basketball, into the Big West. Or rejoin the stable Mountain West in all sports and continue playing top 25 teams in Basketball and build your football program. What seems like an easy decision obviously has the Aztecs baffled as they continue to express their commitment to the Big East. Only time can tell what SDSU will do, but it seems like the MWC door is open, and the Broncos helped pave the way.