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Friday Food for Thought: Gotta rank'em all!

Otto Kitsinger III

On Fridays throughout the offseason, to keep our Bronco spirits up, I'll be proposing a topic of discussion that we can carry through the weekends. Since most of you won't be going outside this weekend, now's a perfect time to start. Consider it like Sudoku for your Bronco minds.

First up:

Assemble your perfect Bronco offense, using elements from any Bronco team you wish

It's your chance to play Dr. Frankenstein, but without all that tedious stitching!

Here's mine (and you'll note the modernity of my list, overall):

• QB: Kellen Moore - Didn't even break a sweat on this one.

• RB: Doug Martin - Dougie showed this year in Tampa Bay why this isn't that hard of a choice either.

• FB: Brad Lau - Man, this one was tough. Sorry, Dan Paul and Richie Brockel...neither of you ever chopped your finger off in a blender.

• X receiver: Austin Pettis - Ask me in 2 years and this one might well be Matt Miller.

• Z receiver: Titus Young - Knuckleheadery aside, this kid could move.

• H receiver: Legedu Naanee - Size, speed, problems for the secondary.

TE: Derek Schouman - /takes shoe off, holds aloft

• LT: Ryan Clady - BSU's first-ever first team All-Pro

• LG: Daryn Colledge - Technically a tackle, Colledge has/had the versatility to play guard (see: NFL).

• C: Scott Huff - I wouldn't lose much sleep starting a Dailey, Paradis or Byrd, however.

• RG: Jeff Cavender - Makes Pete Cavender look like, well, Jeff Cavender.

• RT: Matt Hill - Hill makes 3 Idaho products on my offense. <--Homer

Your turn

Get to your work...feel free to use your time-traveling Bronco DeLorean a bit more than I did.