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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-6-12

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Boise State players speak to media

Mitch Burroughs spoke to the media about the game and remained optimistic about this season. Red shirt freshman Darian Thompson also spoke. He was forced into the game on Saturday night after Jeremy Ioane got sick.

Texas A&M scouting Boise State to prepare for Florida

I'm sure every SEC team is pouring over Boise State games from last year trying to get an idea for how Pease runs a game and his play calling style. However, you would think that Marcel Yates would be able to supply plenty of info since he was on the same coaching staff as Pease.

Insider: Boise State DT commit Justin Taimatuia talks about decision

It's an Insider article so it's behind the ESPN pay wall, but from what you can read it seems like he is very happy to be joining Boise State next year. I wonder if seeing so many defensive linemen being selected in the draft from Boise State played into his decision.

Bill Connelly asks why do we have September polls?

It's an interesting question that we all have raised before. We know next to nothing about teams before they play their first game and most likely their first few games. My answer is that there must be someone making money off the preseason polls. That or broadcasters can't imagine talking about a game without having a number by a team to identify them.