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Ranking the Week...1st Edition

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Sep 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines cheerleaders perform prior to the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE
Sep 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Michigan Wolverines cheerleaders perform prior to the game against the Alabama Crimson Tide at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Well, after one week of college football, we know so much about every team that a conclusive determination of the exact rankings of every team may now be determined. Well, maybe not. As it turns out, the preseason AP Poll was perfect. #8 Michigan lost to #2 Alabama and #24 Boise lost to #13 Michigan State, just as expected. The AP dropped Boise to #26. Everyone else in the top 25 won, except TCU (they didn't play anyone). Here's how I'd have the top five on my ballot, if I had one.


Top Five



1. Alabama...SEC, body of work, schedule strength, defending national champions, team speed, etc.

After the best SEC dismantled the 3rd or 4th best B1G team without it's star running back, we'll get to hear the rest of the season about the SEC's supremacy in college football. Don't be surprised if 0-1 Vanderbilt moves into the top 25 based on the fact that the esseesee is the ayatollah of college football.

2. Michigan State...only other team to beat a ranked squad.

Schedule strength has to count for something. I'd say their defense is pretty ok.

3. USC...proof that poor coaching can win with the best talent, do they ever sign non-fivestar guys?

Hawaii may be a MWC bottom feeder, but a big win is still impressive, right?

4. Oregon...beat an SEC team by 20.

Oops I mean mistake. Arkansas State put up 34 points on the Ducks? So much for competing with USC. Not with that weak bw defense anyway.

5. LSU...beat a Sun Belt squad by the same score Alabama beat #8 Michigan

Not that impressive. Puts the meh in Mettenberger.


Mop Five



1. Idaho...proved that it can't compete in the Big Sky conference, even with 30 more players on scholarship.

2. C-USA West...0-6...every team in the division lost this weekend. Most notably was future Big East member Houston getting trounced by WAC newbie UTSA.

3. Washington State...The team rushed for -5 yards in the home opener many thought could be the start of a positive era in Pullman. Leach's high profile passing attack only went for 229 yards, and the fans are back to moping around again.

4. Penn State...the defections and sanctions have hurt. Losing to a team in the MAC doesn't bode well for PSU's B1G hopes, not that it matters anyway - because they won't be playing in the postseason for years to come.

5. Colorado...I thought CSU was bad. Colorado put itself in prime position for last place in the PAC12.


What The Five? (WTF)



1. Oklahoma State...35 second half points in an 84 to zero shutout of Savanna State (including a 10 yard run with just over a minute left in the game). Running it up on SSU (who was a 1-10 as an FCS team last year) is just mean. Way to schedule and stay classy Oklahoma State.

2. Andrew Manley...The NMSU, yeah, NMSU quarterback leads the nation in passing efficiency. 14/22 for 367 yards, 3 TDs and zero interceptions. Did I mention teams from New Mexico are undefeated this season? Wow.

3. Le'veon Bell...The MSU running back we here at Obnug know way too much about had 44 carries and 6 receptions in one game. Forget the yards, that workload is impressive. After averaging 4.8 ypc, lower than his previous two season averages, his stats were still impressive. It was a long day for the Boise defense.

4. Cody Getz...12.8 yards per carry...that's a first down every time for Air Force Academy's Getz. He ended the day with 218 yards against Idaho State. Yeah it's ISU, but still, that's impressive.

5. Baylor...going the New Zealand route wearing all-black uniforms in 100­°F heat. That's almost more impressive than their offensive output in a route of SMU (the Methodist one not the Mississippi one).