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College football scoreboard: other guys

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

While Boise State was busy blowing out and then hanging on against New Mexico, here is what else was happening in the world of college football, Bronco edition.

Most interesting score of the weekend

Fresno State 52, San Diego State 40

How's this for wild: Fresno State and San Diego State combined for 92 points, 994 total yards, and nine turnovers. Derek Carr threw for 500 yards and five touchdowns - seven touchdowns, really, if you count two pick-sixes. Boise State plays Fresno State a week from Saturday (October 13).

Other scores

Nevada 34, Texas State 21

You try figuring out Nevada. The Wolf Pack is 4-1, rolled up 550 total yards against Texas State, and trailed the Bobcats at halftime, eventually winning by 13? I don't doubt that Nevada will be Boise State's toughest remaining game, but how tough exactly?

No. 14 Ohio State 17, No. 20 Michigan State 16

Now that the Spartans have two losses, Boise State no longer has to fight the MSU glass ceiling in the polls (glass ceiling = can't put a one-loss Boise State above a one-loss Michigan State if Michigan State gave Boise State its one loss).

BYU 47, Hawaii 0

Seeing this result makes me glad that Boise State's isn't the only offense that BYU makes look weak, and glad, too, that Taysom Hill didn't play the whole game against the Broncos.

Air Force 42, Colorado State 21

Nearest I can tell, the bottom of the Mountain West looks like this: Colorado State is the worst, then Air Force, then UNLV, then Hawaii? If New Mexico plays like it did on Saturday, the Lobos will have four wins right there.

North Carolina 66, Idaho 0

Yikes, and this coming from a guy who really likes seeing Idaho lose.

Louisiana Tech 44, Virginia 38

Utah State 35, UNLV 13

San Jose State 12, Navy 0

Avert your eyes if you don't want to know things that might make you regret big decisions your favorite football team has made. Here are the top four teams in the WAC:

  • Texas San-Antonio, 5-0
  • Louisiana Tech, 4-0
  • Utah State, 4-1
  • San Jose State, 4-1

You can throw out UTSA's 5-0 record because they haven't played anyone of note. The other three, though, have a combined 12 wins and two losses - the losses by a combined five points to Stanford and Wisconsin.

I'm sure the WAC doesn't want to cease to exist completely, but man, what a way to go.