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The top five plays from Boise State's win over New Mexico

1. Tommy Smith's final drive tackle-for-loss and fourth down pass breakup.

The first Smith play - a tackle on New Mexico running quarterback Cole Gautsch for a loss of one on third down and three - made life difficult for the Lobos on their final drive and forced throwing quarterback B.R. Holbrook into the game to try to keep the chains moving on fourth down. Holbrook didn't, telegraphing a pass that Smith undercut and batted down in a linebacker-y attempt at an interception.

(Un-credit Bob Davie and the offensive staff of New Mexico for taking their sweet time with the playcalls. From their own 27-yard line, the Lobos huddled after their first two plays and ran the clock from 3:24 to 2:09.)

2. Joe Southwick's 50-yard pass to Dallas Burroughs

The Bronco offense got kickstarted with the Southwick-to-Burroughs connection, a home run that led to the first Bronco touchdown of the game on the old three-play, 77-yard TD drive.

3. Jay Ajayi's 71-yard run.

Speaking of three play drives, Ajayi had one all his own as he went for 71-, 8-, and 1-yard bursts to give the Broncos a 25-0 lead before halftime. It should be noted that 15 of those 71 yards came with a defender dangling from Ajayi's stiff arm.

4. Dallas Burroughs' kickoff return fumble.

The second half opening kickoff changed the complexion of the game. Instead of an inevitable Boise State march for a 32-0 lead, the Lobos capitalized on the turnover and cashed in for seven points and the momentum card. From then on, it was a different game, no more so than ...

5. Shane Williams-Rhodes' fumble.

After juking his way into the end zone for his first career touchdown (and Boise State's only touchdown of the second half), Williams-Rhodes coughed up the ball on a doomed end around and watched New Mexico's Joe Stoner return it to the one-yard line. Gautsch punched it in on the next play and with the subsequent two-pointer, the Lobos cut the lead to 32-29. Now what do Bronco fans think of Williams-Rhodes? Worth the electrifying risk?

Your turn

What plays stood out to you? Which others should make the cut? Share your thoughts in the comments.