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Predict the score for Boise State versus New Mexico

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The time has come to flex those clairvoyant muscles (they're in your delts) and predict the score for Saturday's Bronco - Lobo game. If you can guess the score exactly, you will win a free Boise State jersey of your choice. Through three weeks, no one has been able to foresee the final score with 100 percent accuracy, especially not that 7-6 one. Someone's due. Is it you?

I'm going with a pointspalooza, relatively speaking, with Boise State winning 42-7. If the Broncos really do only get nine possessions like fellow UNM opponents, those are going to have to be some well-played possessions. Or lots of defensive and special teams touchdowns. I'll take either.


Leave your prediction for the final score in the comments.

Go Broncos!