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Five questions with New Mexico blogger Tony Capobianco

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Guess what, you guys? I found a New Mexico blogger. Well, I kind of found a New Mexico blogger. No one is diehard enough about the Lobos to invest in an entire UNM editorial space on the Internet, but Tony Capobianco does have a New Mexico time share over at SB Nation's Mountain West Connection blog. He is the Internet's foremost expert on the Lobos, by default, which is no condemnation on his writing skills. He knows his stuff. Here he shares some stuff with us.

The interview

1. If your team's season-to-date was a book, what book would it be and why?

Like your average college textbook, too long and time consuming.

2. New Mexico is ranked No. 117 in total offense and No. 97 in total defense. Is this too high, too low, or just right?

At this point, the rankings are irrelevant because of the subjectivity that comes with the overall rankings. New Mexico runs the ball a little over 75 percent of the time and are No. 21 in rushing yards per game. However as of now, it has resulted in little scoring.

It works against poor defenses such as New Mexico State, which is currently the reflection of most of the Mountain West, but against good teams such as Texas, Texas Tech, and Boise State, New Mexico indeed plays like a No. 117 offense.

3. If you could pick any three people to join your team, who would you choose?

Clinton Portis, Willis McGahee, Frank Gore. Could you imagine the 2001 Miami Hurricanes running New Mexico's offense?


4. Name three keys to victory for your team. Name one key to certain defeat.

The first key would be home-field advantage. The second key is blocking. The overall blocking must be at its best if the Lobos are going to run the ball effectively. Third key is more passing because it is very hard to beat a good team with a one-dimensional offense.

The one key to certain defeat is time. If New Mexico is down by 7-14 points and have about five minutes left in the game, it is nearly impossible to come back in five minutes when running the ball is the primary offensive attack.

5. On a scale of beverages, with V8 juice being "not at all" and cherry Dr. Pepper being "supremely", how confident are you that your team will win on Saturday?

Jegar, cause I'm going to need it if I'm watching this game on New Mexico's behalf.


BONUS: Word association.

  • Kellen Moore. Best
  • Pop-Tarts. Worst
  • Blue turf. Cool
  • Bob Davie. Eh
  • What About Bob? What about him?
  • Mike Locksley. Turrble (How Charles Barkley says terrible)
  • Mike and Ikes. Dental Disaster
  • New Mexico Bowl. First
  • Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Second
  • Dogs in birthday hats. Silly


Many thanks to Tony for the New Mexico insight. Good luck to him and the Lobos this weekend, and I do not mean that at all.