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OBNUG Pick 'Em Contest: Eliminator picks for Week Five

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I've never been so excited to play New Mexico except for the fact that I'm going to have a really hard time watching it. It looks like unless you get KTVB, you won't be able to pick up the signal. But outside of that, I'm looking of the offense to come out and work out their kinks.

As for the Eliminator contest, we now have 4 weeks in the books and I'm out of it. UNLV somehow has screwed both me and Kevan. First they lose to Northern Arizona in week 2 to knock out Kevan. Now they somehow beat Air Force last week to knock me out. In fact, last week was a bad week overall. We are down to only 15 people that have correct picks through 4 weeks. Amazing.

For this week, I'm a little shaken but I believe that BYU can come back so I'm taking this to the bank:

BYU over Hawaii

Hawaii looked terrible last week against Nevada and I'm betting on that trend to continue this week.

ELIMINATOR: Come play games with us!

Hawaii is adjusting under new coach Norman Chow. However, this seems to be a slow, long process. Last week they gave up 69 points and 355 rushing yards to Nevada. BYU on the other hand is coming off of 2 straight losses that came down to the wire. They're pissed. Plus they have a really good defense. I fully expect BYU to come out this week with a chip on their shoulder and take care of Hawaii without any issues.

Nick was eliminated in Week Four

Previous Nick picks: Utah, TCU, Washington, Air Force



Nevada over Texas State

The Wolf Pack offense is running as smoothly as ever, so I don't think a D1AA school like Texas State will offer much resistance. Wait. What's that? Texas State is a WAC school? Boy, the WAC has really let itself go. I'll take Nevada every day and twice on Sundays, no matter how many four-point wins over Stephen F. Austin this team has.

(Note: Texas State is the team that upset Houston in Week One, leading to the immediate resignation of the Houston offensive coordinator. What are the odds a similar thing happens vs. Nevada? A little better, considering I just put my Eliminator jinx onto the Wolf Pack.)

Kevan was eliminated in Week Two.

Previous Kevan picks: Air Force, UNLV, Washington State, Utah State



Fresno State over San Diego State

After dropping close to a million points on Colorado, I was a bit surprised that Fresno lost to Tulsa last week, but maybe Colorado is just actually that inept. Fresno won't go full CU on San Diego State, but I think they win this one comfortably.

Previous Drew picks: Stanford, TCU, Oregon, Boise State


Wanna play?

The OBNUG Eliminator challenge is open to anyone and everyone who knows how to use a Google document or begs us really hard in the comments to use a Google document for them.

Enter your weekly pick into the Eliminator form.

One big rule: You can't pick the same team twice.

Additional rules are 1) don't cheat and screw with the spreadsheet, 2) make your picks before your game starts, 3) keep playing as long as you want after you pick wrong. All other rules are meaningless to the extent that I cannot remember them now.

Winner gets a free Deuce Brand watch.

Pick. Survive. Gloat. Enjoy.


We will be playing this for 14 weeks so we have selected a list of 20 teams to pick from. These include all Mountain West teams as well as a selection of regional teams and, for those who love making bad decisions, Idaho.

Boise State Air Force Fresno State Hawaii Nevada
New Mexico San Diego State UNLV Wyoming Idaho
TCU BYU Utah Louisiana Tech Utah State
Washington Washington State Oregon Oregon State Stanford

This Week's Games

There are a total of 18 teams to pick from this week.

  • (24) Boise State at New Mexico
  • Air Force vs. Colorado State
  • Fresno State vs. San Diego State
  • Hawaii at BYU
  • Nevada at Texas State
  • San Diego State at Fresno State
  • UNLV at Utah State
  • Wyoming vs BYE
  • Idaho at North Carolina
  • (15) TCU at SMU
  • BYU vs Hawaii
  • Utah vs BYE
  • Louisiana Tech at Virginia
  • Utah State vs UNLV
  • Washington vs. (8) Stanford
  • Washington State vs (2) Oregon
  • (2) Oregon at Washington State
  • (18) Oregon State at Arizona
  • (8) Stanford at Washington

See some winners there? Of course you do. Enter your pick in the spreadsheet and share your team du jour in the comments.