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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-27-12

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Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

"Hustle and hit" strategy paying off for Boise State secondary

We knew that new defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake was stressing for more turnovers and the results have been evident early this season. The secondary seems to be more aggressive so far and are very fun to watch. Bryan Douglas has indeed stepped up to split time with a Jerrell Gavins. Overall, they have played amazingly.

Michael Atkinson used to play running back in high school

I believe I knew this back when he was recruited, but this explains why he moved so well to the end zone last week! I'm glad to see Atkinson coming into his own now after a couple of early setbacks. He's turning into quite a player and next in Boise State's new tradition of producing defensive linemen.

Davie good move for New Mexico

Bob Davie has been a much needed change of pace for New Mexico, especially after last coach Mike Locksley. Hopefully they can continue their success and turn out a decent season for themselves and help out Boise State's strength of schedule in the long run.

Matthew Stafford did not practice Wednesday

Stafford had to leave the Lions' game against the Titans on Sunday with a strained hamstring. If he's unable to go this week, that should mean that Kellen Moore would move up to no. 2 on the QB depth chart and at least dress for the game. I would think that would happen no matter what since Stafford is doubtful. Also, NFL refs have reached an agreement with the NFL and will be back this week including tonight's game. Our long national nightmare is over.