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Power Ranking the Week...4

Ranking of the Top 5 (best) and Mop 5 (worst) in college football from a completely biased and mostly ignorant perspective.

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Can you believe we are a third of the way through the regular season already? There are still 26 undefeated teams left in the bowl subdivision of college football. There have been upsets and unexpected blowouts every single weekend. College football is a great thing. Here's my attempt to quantify the good and the bad in the latest week.

Top 5

No. 1. Notre Dame

They just beat two top 20 teams in two weeks. I hate these guys as much as the next guy, but I have to rank them here. It was a pretty impressive defensive game they played against Michigan forcing 5 turnovers from that shoelace guy. Their offense is just good enough to put up a few points.

No. 2. Florida State

They were finally tested a bit this weekend against No. 10 Clemson. Came back from down 14 in the third quarter. The 670 yards of offense vs. a No. 10 team should speak for itself. They are everything I want our offense to be (56 ppg). They also get bonus points for giving Lee Corso a defective spear.

No. 3. Stanford

They've still beaten USC, who's arguably the most "talented" team in all of the land. For now, they shall stay in my top 5.

No. 4. Alabama

Alabammy is probably the best team but doesn't deserve the top spot yet. They are boring. They haven't played any teams who are currently ranked, but if you watch them, they pass the "eye" test. And they won last year and have a good defense. Are you upset because I give Notre Dame credit for beating No. 18 Michigan but give Alabama no credit for beating them in week one now that they're unranked? Too bad Bisquick.

No. 5. Oregon

They're 4-0, and just got their first win vs. a top 25 team in Arizona. The civil war just got a little bit interesting after rival OSU knocked off Wisconsin and a ranked UCLA in consecutive games. Could it decide the PAC-North? Why do they call it the Civil War - didn't that take place nowhere near the Pacific?

Mop 5

No. 1. Idaho

I mentioned earlier there are 26 undefeated teams in the bowl subdivision. Idaho is one of only 9 all-defeated teams left in the division. In the toilet bowl of the week, the Vandals had all-defeated Wyoming in their home hangar along with 13 or so friends who watched the game. It didn't turn out well for the home team, but they did make it to overtime in which they allowed Wyoming QB Brett Smith to throw a touchdown on the first play. Game over.

No. 2.Colorado vs. Washington State

That was a fun game! 745 yards passing. Nearly a thousand yards of total offense. A late fourth quarter comeback. I see right through your tricks Pac bottom feeders. These two teams are both terrible. Colorado now has a win. WSU was heartbroken...but will turn into complete cardiac failure after the next two weeks vs. Oregon and Oregon State.

3. Idaho State

You think I shouldn't pick on them because they are FCS? Too bad. These guys used to be somewhat of a rival to BSU. And know they're letting teams put up 73 on them. You are one of the worst teams in the Big Sky Conference. Why not act like it and stop scheduling top 25 body bag payday games? How about trying to compete in your own league? This is not making you better.

4.Denard Robinson 4 Heisman

Every year the explosive playmaking Michigan QB/RB gains nationwide acclaim. So far this year he's leading the country in interceptions (with 8). In Saturday's 7-point loss vs. Notre Dame he threw four picks and fumbled once. He's still averaging 209 yards passing (55% completions) and 110 yards running per game. But he has to limit the turnovers in order to give Michigan a chance. He's not doing that this year.

5. Colorado State Sacks Allowed

Through four games (and we're not talking SEC style competition) CSU quarterback Garrett Grayson has been sacked 17 times. I'm not sure who's more at fault here. Quarterback needs to get rid of the ball, and the line needs to start blocking somebody.


Sorry about the shorter post this week. Would you have ranked teams differently? Is it a travesty I have Alabama ranked so low? Do I need to have more love for the Big-12? Not if K-State is your best team. Should I have more SEC squads ranked higher? Should Mr. Grayson update his will before coming to Boise in November? Is Denard Robinson not as bad as I give him credit for being? Who is going to win the Heisman? I haven't heard much talk about that this season.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Just please don't mention NFL officiating. It's unrelated and my ears may explode if I hear more about that stuff.