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An open letter to the Boise State offense

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Otto Kitsinger III - Getty Images

Dear Boise State offense,

I understand that you are getting a fair amount of criticism following last week's 7-6 win over BYU - fair in that it is seriously just an incredible amount of criticism and fair in that it is deserved.

You were not good.

But more than that, you were not good relative to what Bronco fans are used to.

In many ways, you brought this upon yourself with your Golden Era fireworks, your 50-burgers, your Kellen Moores and Titus Youngs and Ian Johnsons (circa 2006). Boise State fans have grown accustomed to a certain level of excellence from its offensive units. At the minimum, Boise State fans have grown accustomed to the offense scoring points or gaining one yard in four tries.

If you're not careful, Boise State offense, you are going to have a riot on your hands. Blue and Orange Stores will not be safe.

People are back on the Bench Joe Southwick Bandwagon (standing room only), which is understandable considering he is the quarterback and second guessing kind of comes with the territory. That said, missing receivers on big plays, failing to engender trust in the red zone, and comically sliding short of first downs is not helping his cause.

Offensive coordinator Robert Prince is also under fan fire for calling plays against BYU that gave off the general impression of a fetal position. Was the playcalling really that bad? Did Prince have a choice? Doesn't matter in the court of public opinion, apparently. Prince put a target on his back the minute he took partial blame for the Michigan State loss, essentially granting Bronco Nation a free pass at armchair quarterbacking all season long, and the funny thing about armchair quarterbacking is that anyone can do it, even the guy who left in the third quarter to drink an opened beverage at his tailgate.

This desert of offense has brought critiques out of the woodwork.

I've heard criticism of Boise State's recruiting.

I've seen fans clamor for a new quarterback (little do they know that the next man up is Grant Hedrick and not King Patti).

I read this from Brian Murphy:

We're now a quarter of the way into the season and it's clear the offense needs major changes.

I'm tempted to join the white noise of panic and judgment, but honestly, there's a part of me that thinks the Bronco offense isn't as broken as it appears.

Keep in mind, this was a very talented BYU defense, and it will make more than its fair share of offenses look like garbage. For the record, Boise State has faced the nation's No. 6 and No. 7 defenses in the two games that the Broncos have failed to score an offensive touchdown. This is akin to showing up to class for a comprehensive final exam on the first day of school. You can't be expected to get many answers right (but you should at least be able to put your name on the paper).

After the game, Boise State players insisted that the offense is close to making the plays it needs to look like an offense instead of a loosely-organized scrum. I tend to believe them. If Joe Southwick hits a wide open Aaron Burks on a deep ball in the first quarter, this game is different. If the officials don't blow D.J. Harper's one-yard touchdown run dead to review BYU's fumble on the previous play, the Broncos are up 14-0 and the Four Down Disaster never happens.

There are plays to be made and points to be scored, and Boise State knows it. (Boise State fans may not know it, so good job keeping that a secret.)

Bronco offense, you are close to being acceptable. Playing New Mexico and Southern Miss will help. Not playing BYU or Michigan State again will help more.

You will be okay.

But until you are, I am going to watch you through my fingers with my hands over my face while hoping the Bronco defense scores 14 points per game. A guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do.