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Game Thoughts- BYU

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A win is a win is a win. Some of my comments may upset some of the fair weather fans. However, I know the hardcore nugies, some of you of whom I have met and had great fun with at tailgates and games, and the devotees of my writings know exactly where I am coming from, and understand I am not aiming anything personal at the players or coaches. Join me after the jump as we discuss the game.

First things first, the crowd definitely showed up for the game, and that was such a great experience. I wish the crowd would stay for the entire game every time.

Offensively, we were pitiful. The only thing we could do was run the ball on one down. I cannot count the number of times we had a 2nd down and 6 or 2nd down and 5, and we failed to convert. There are a lot of ways to look at it, and one of them was play calling. The coaches knew that for the better part of the game BYU was giving us the five yard pass play. It wasn't fully utilized, but we did go to it. And when we did it was always there. Too often though, we had 2nd down and 6, then we tried to run the ball on 2nd down, then a 3rd down was a pass or scramble or something that got busted or stopped. I am not sure why our play calling hasn't been as fluid as we are accustomed to, but from what Coach Pete said "going back to the drawing board" isn't such a bad idea.

Another thing is that our guys did not have there head in the game, and what I mean is when we were driving the field we would get a holding penalty, or a chop block, or someone would miss a block or an assignment and that kills a drive. Our guys have to have razor sharp focus to execute and drive the field, this isn't only on Southwick, we have plenty of guys last night that contributed to stalled drives. Miller had two drops (both on 3rd down) and Linehan had a catch hit him in the chest (which is why catches must be made with the hands). For two guys who have been big parts of our offense in the years past, they have to make those plays. Its a simple lack of concentration.

Okay, the first and goal on the one yard line. Would I have run it four consecutive plays? No. But there is a good reason I am not coaching a division 1 football. Every high school coach will say say if we can't punch it in from the one we don't deserve it. Our line has to open that hole. I don't give a damn if Betty White is in the backfield. Its one damn yard. They can catch their breath after we get six. It is little things like that, that remind me of a speech Mike Leach gave to his underachieving team after a victory. I respect Obnug and the family oriented content we put on the website. That being said, put the headphones on and close the office door before watching this. Every time you hear the words Baylor imagine BYU, every time you hear Texas think Michigan State, and everyt time you hear Texas Tech or Red Raiders think Boise State. There are some good gems for some of the hostile fans. Mature audiences only.

Mike Leach After Baylor Game (Explicit Language) (via buttzero)

I am not saying this message needs to be repeated with so many f- words, but it is the same principle. I think we have some guys that aren't willing to dig deep when it is necessary. What happened last year, happened last year. We need to create our identity. We need to have more focus. This isn't just a Joe thing, not just a Prince thing, not just a Pete thing, it takes all 11 guys on the field. And last night was evident that there were some plays that we only had 9 guys with their head.

Okay, the good things we did was run the ball to the weak side of the field. Most of our good runs were to the weak side of the defense and on the outside. At times we ran well, and at times we didn't. Our play calling was bad, but it can only get better. We did take a shot deep with Burks but it was just a tad over thrown. I am frustrated that we didn't go back to it. For as many times as we ran the ball, we didn't run the play action. For as much as the defense saw run run run, we did not show them enough play action. We didn't run the bubble screen enough, and we definitely did not take what the defense gave us enough, and it should not have been as close as it was. We have a road game against New Mexico, followed by a road game against So Miss. We have to get things figured out otherwise Fresno State is gonna run us out of our own stadium.

Defense. What can I say? They wiped the field with BYU's offense. Riley Nelson would have thrown an interception per drive had they kept running him out there. We stopped their run with six guys in the box, and we tackled well in the open field. Our defensive line constantly got push into BYU's backfield. Atkinson, Lawrence, Martin, and others were too much for the o-line of BYU. Take a look at that 2 point conversion. Mike Atkinson is what blows that play up. He shot through his man and was in Taysom Hill's face, which caused the flush. Our secondary played BYU's talented wide receivers very well. It hurts that our offense did not capitalize on the turnovers, but once again, our defense carried the team. We cannot ask more from our defense.