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Game Balls vs. BYU

Wow, I think we are trying to apply for membership in the SEC after that one. What a game! Who deserves to take home the game balls after that one? Answer: the Defense. Here's where we stand.

Game Ball for Play of the Year: Mike Atkinson


Atkinson made a huge impact on this game. He was in the backfield all night getting after Riley Nelson and Co. When opportunity struck in the 3rd quarter, he caught a bullet of a pass and took off toward pay dirt. As Nelson was implanted into the ground Canadian Bacon high stepped into the endzone for the first fat guy touchdown we've seen in way too long. The 35 yard interception return would've made him our second leading receiver on the night if he was playing offense. In an unrelated note, Coach Pete said after the game our offense needed to go back to the drawing board. Could a 310 pound wide receiver be part of that plan? Only Coach Pete knows the answer to that one.

See the rest of the deserving game balls after the jump.

Game Ball for Possession: Matt Miller


We got to see Miller hammering into the secondary for the second straight week. I personally love to see wide receivers punishing the secondary. Matt Miller was the go-to-guy all night for Joe Southwick, and kept the offense a little bit balanced. His 7 receptions matched his season high, but Mr. Montana still hasn't seen the end zone this season. I still wonder why he's not involved like Austin Pettis used to be down near the end zone.

Game Ball for Awesomeness: Boise State Defense

This was a team effort. Three Interceptions. Two fumbles. Three quarterback sacks. BYU's quarterbacks completed just 8 out of 19 passes and managed 61 yards passing. They gained 139 rushing (Mostly Taysom Hill when the defense was wearing down.) This was a beautiful thing to watch.

Game Ball for Pounding: D.J. Harper


D.J. played solid last night. He had over 100 yards rushing at the end of the 3rd quarter and got in open space a couple of times. He even scored an offensive touchdown...that was promptly called back. But he's is deserving for his workhorse mentality and shouldering the load.


What did I miss? Should Jamar Taylor have received one for his Bugs Bunny-like ability to be everywhere on the field at the same time? Should Demarcus Lawrence have received one for his quarterback sacking prowess? Should J.C. Percy have received one for stuffing the run time and time again? Does the crowd deserve one? What do you think? Let your thoughts flow freely in the comments below.