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Wake up, Bronco Nation: Boise State football links and things, 9-20-12

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We have football tonight!

What a midday treat for us. I do enjoy Boise State playing more on Saturdays now, but still love the occasional game on another day of the week. It will be like old times when everyone in college football is watching! The Statesman has your info for the game tonight including that there are still 120 tickets left for the game. Hopefully those sell out rather quickly.

Brett McMurphy breaks down the options for the Big East future

The Big East sits at 13 teams and at least wants to get to 14 teams however there's debate on whether to pursue BYU or Air Force. One option would be to add both teams along with Army to get to 16 teams. One thing of note was that BYU is making $4 million per year on their current ESPN deal. The new Big East TV deal is expected to be in the $3-6 million range for each team. It would obviously need to be at the higher end of that to lure BYU.

Potter talks about running the option

It's added a new wrinkle to the offense and the wildcat. Potter scored with Harper on the option against Miami although he apparently wasn't 100% sure Harper was there when he made the pitch.

Note about Eliminator challenge

Yesterday I made an error and accidentally listed Washington as playing against Portland State. We have fixed the post, but a few of you picked Washington. However Kazzy, Acash1983, Yamani_luvbsu, Mikrino, Majormike53, and Trapperpk all have Washington and should change your picks.